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Me’tricks’ And Tips For Understanding Metrics in Google Analytics

August 12, 2022
September 27, 2023

Me’tricks’ And Tips For Understanding Metrics in Google Analytics

Red Shark Digital

It’s no surprise that most of our clients who reach out to our digital marketing Greenville NC agency wanting help with their website’s performance willingly admit that they have no idea what they are looking at when it comes to the data provided in their website’s Google Analytics dashboard, much less how to use it to their advantage. Though the Google Analytics platform is very user-friendly, one must first know the lingo to really be able to understand and process the data given. The digital marketing Greenville NC pros at Red Shark Digital are here to share a few ‘metricks’ and tips to help our followers answer the following question: What is a “metric” in Google Analytics? Read on to learn how you can use these metrics to better your digital marketing Greenville NC strategy.

What Is A “Metric” in Google Analytics?

According to Google, a metric is a quantitative measurement of your data, and in Google Analytics, they can be sums or rations. They're quantitative measurements of the data being tracked - A few examples include:

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Session Duration

By contrast, dimensions are non-numerical, qualitative data. Google Analytics uses dimensions to organize, or categorize if you will, the data it collects. A few examples include:

  • Channel
  • Source
  • Medium
  • Device Category
  • Language

How To Use These Metrics To Better Your Digital Marketing Greenville NC Strategy

Now that we’ve covered the question “what is a “metric” in Google Analytics?,” let’s get into how this can transform your digital marketing Greenville NC campaign strategy. Reports can be pulled from Google Analytics that are made up of dimensions and metrics, where the dimension values are typically organized into rows and the metric values are organized into columns.

Here’s an example showing one dimension (Region) and multiple metrics (Users, New users, etc.):

Here’s another example, but with a secondary dimension added (Browser) to give even more insight:

Just remember, not every metric can be combined with every dimension. Digital marketing Greenville NC professionals can use Google Analytics’ free UA Dimensions & Metrics Explorer to help identify valid combinations.

Red Shark Digital | Digital Marketing Greenville NC Pros

Google Analytics is hands-down one of the best tools for monitoring your business’s website’s performance once you have a good understanding of what a metric is within the platform, and how to then use these metrics to better your digital marketing Greenville NC strategy. To learn more about using Google Analytics or to inquire about working with Red Shark Digital on your digital marketing Greenville NC strategy, contact our team of pros today!

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