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Google and TikTok's Partnership: What We Know

September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

Google and TikTok's Partnership: What We Know

Alaina Corsini

Sound the SEO alarms! The latest development in internet marketing that has caught our attention is the potential partnership between TikTok and Google. TikTok's growing influence as a search engine among younger users has influenced Google to counter that trend. TikTok and Google are currently exploring a new partnership, which would integrate Google search prompts, into TikTok’s own search stream.

Google Vs. TikTok: The Background

Last year, reports started circulating that TikTok was becoming the go-to search engine for many younger users, posing a potential threat to Google's dominance. While TikTok's primary focus wasn't search, its rise as a discovery platform raised concerns for Google. Prabhakar Raghavan, Google's Senior Vice President, acknowledged this shift, stating that young people were turning to TikTok for various searches instead of Google.

The Emerging Partnership

Now, the plot thickens as TikTok and Google explore a partnership. According to a report from Business Insider, the collaboration aims to integrate Google search prompts and potentially search results into TikTok's search stream. Some TikTok users have already spotted a new prompt encouraging them to expand their search on Google, resembling a custom ad unit, although TikTok clarified that it's not an ad.

TikTok's spokesperson confirmed that they are experimenting with third-party integrations, including Google, on a global scale. Google, however, remained quiet about any financial agreement involved in the partnership.

What's in it for Google and TikTok?

Partnership Benefits: Google Gains Visibility

For Google, integrating its tools into TikTok's platform can help maintain its relevance and presence among the younger audience for internet marketing. This partnership could potentially boost Google's visibility, ensuring it remains a top choice for users seeking information and discovery.

Partnership Benefits: TikTok Gains Discovery

On the flip side, TikTok benefits from a more direct connection to broader discovery options. There's also the possibility of data sharing between the two companies, enhancing their respective discovery tools. While the specifics of the deal are uncertain, potential advantages for TikTok include increased traffic to its app and more content indexed by Google.

Just a few weeks ago, observant users noticed TikTok discreetly incorporating Wikipedia excerpts that directly connect to the website. These excerpts may not surface for every search query, but they are notably emerging for specific locations, businesses, and individuals. According to TikTok spokesperson Zachary Kizer, this feature has been operational for several months, as reported by The Verge.

Speculation Surrounding the Deal

Given Google's ongoing scrutiny for its dominance in web search, it's unclear how regulators may view this partnership. Google has faced investigations related to its distribution deals with companies like Apple and Samsung, raising questions about similar arrangements with TikTok.

While the details remain undisclosed, it's possible that TikTok benefits from improved discovery without charging Google. This collaboration could be a strategic move by Google to counter TikTok's emergence as a discovery platform and keep its tools at the forefront of users' minds.

Why do we care?

The recent integration of Google search results within the TikTok app represents the most prominent instance of the short-form video platform embracing the power of search. While the specifics remain uncertain, this collaboration reflects the dynamic nature of the digital landscape, specifically organic SEO services. It could greatly impact how users search for information and how marketers engage with these platforms to create successful campaigns and strategy revolving around profile optimization. As the partnership unfolds, we'll be watching closely to see how it shapes the future of digital marketing and the evolving role of TikTok in the search ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates from Red Shark Digital, the premier digital advertising agency Greenville NC!

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