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Red Shark Digital Marketing Director, Alaina Corsini, Receives Gold for 2022 TITAN Women In Business Awards

January 9, 2023
May 4, 2023

Red Shark Digital Marketing Director, Alaina Corsini, Receives Gold for 2022 TITAN Women In Business Awards

Erin Porter

Greenville, North Carolina: The 2022 TITAN Women In Business Awards has officially concluded the first-ever competitive season. The award has received a well-rounded and comprehensive number of entries across esteemed nations worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Canada, China, and many others.

Red Shark Digital is proud to announce marketing director, Alaina Corsini has won Gold for Future Leader of the Year - Marketing category within the Female Executive of the Year group in the 2022 TITAN Woman in Business Awards. The esteemed Grand Jury Panel deemed Corsini’s entry deserving of the Gold TITAN award in the 2022 competition. In collaboration, Erin Porter and Spencer Bunting of Red Shark Digital created the winning work to honor Alaina’s focused efforts toward fostering excellence within the company and beyond.

“I am honored to have won these awards and to have received global recognition from the TITAN Women in Business Awards,” said Alaina Corsini, Marketing Director at Red Shark Digital. “To be identified alongside some of the most brilliant women in business is truly an incredible experience. I appreciate my team and leadership at Red Shark Digital for allowing my work and dedication to marketing to thrive in a collaborative and empowering environment,” said Corsini.

Red Shark Digital’s core mission is to deliver exceptional results for small, medium, and large-scale businesses across the East Coast and beyond. This expectation is made possible - and proven achievable - by the members that make up its team. Under Red Shark Digital’s marketing department, she has led her team toward numerous prestigious marketing awards, including a NYX MarCom platinum team award for the Content Team. Alaina has set the industry standard for marketing excellence, morals, and work ethic, portraying the difference between good marketing and great marketing.

“As the first female executive at Red Shark Digital, I am extremely proud to have received recognition as Female Executive of the Year as well as Future Leader of the Year in Marketing,” said Corsini. “At Red Shark Digital, a core value of ours is to Be Better, and we bring that same energy to the campaigns we put forth every day. I hold myself accountable to that same standard in leadership as well, improving my role in the business, management of my team, and betterment of my career.”

Alaina’s achievements set the standard for young professionals everywhere. From her impeccable management skills, positive impact on company culture, attention to detail, and drive to set the bar through each marketing campaign, Alaina has earned her spot among the industry's most influential marketing experts.

“Our marketing campaigns are curated for our clients, with a problem or business objective to achieve,” said Corsini, “and I enjoy being a part of that solution.”

The TITAN Women In Business Awards program recognizes, acknowledges, and celebrates women with outstanding achievements, displaying personal calibers of confidence, optimism, ambition, and integrity in the ever-expansive business industry. Branching out from the TITAN Business Awards, the TITAN Women In Business Awards envisions a community that encompasses nominations from all countries while serving as a platform that promotes the achievements of female individuals.

“As we progress forward beyond the business industry, I am exultant to be in the presence of extraordinary symbols that have displayed sheer excellence,” said Thomas Brandt, the spokesperson of IAA. “We have only tapped the surface of this vast community, and alongside our grand juries, we strive to uncover these possibilities going into the future.”

Grand Jury Panel

The TITAN Awards distinguishes itself through a panel of jurors that comprises only the most professional individuals from diverse countries, certifying the just procedures, as well as unbiased assessments during their pursuance of commendable submissions. The structured panel consists of astounding experts like Maria Afroditi Patsi (Greece), Krithika Chandramouli (United States), Belinda Jane Dolan (Australia), Angelique Hamilton (United States), Liliana Farinha (Portugal), and Elizabeth Arroyave (Costa Rica), to name a few.

Under strict guidelines, the TITAN Women In Business Awards implements blind judging, elevating the benchmarks of each entry to the highest extent, ultimately precipitating the business sector forward.

Participation in International Brands & Companies

The competition saw various entries carrying the names of distinguished companies, some of which are familiar household names. These entrants made it clear why they were deserving of their status as known quantities in the industry from their submissions alone.

These acclaimed entities have presented their prominent works to their global audience, including renowned names like Kelly Roach Coaching, Cymbiotika LLC, ASCIRA Global, Robots & Pencils, FinancialForce UK, REDI Cincinnati, BetterCloud, and many others.

The TITAN Female Executive of the Year Awards pursues the personal and career accomplishments of female executives in various categories, applauding their abilities to expand their organizations indefinitely. Alaina’s winning entry gained gold recognition in both the Female Executive of the Year and Future Leader of the Year in Marketing in the global competition.

“Welcoming fresh generations and respecting long-established business operations, there is always unmarked territory for innovative notions,” said Thomas. “Judging from the submissions of just the first season, I foresee more giants rising to pick up the TITAN mantle, while slowly changing the world according to their own consciousness.”

The team at Red Shark Digital is honored to receive recognition and validation from TITAN Women In Business Awards for Alaina’s masterful skillset and dedication to the digital marketing industry. This recognition further instills the team's dedication to excellence in the space and beyond while delivering custom solutions to their clients. To partner with Alaina and the rest of the team at Red Shark Digital on digital marketing services, visit their website or call 252-751-9200.

About Red Shark Digital: Red Shark Digital is a superior full-service digital marketing agency specializing in Web Design, SEO, Branding, and Digital Advertising. With offices across North Carolina, Red Shark Digital prides itself on delivering custom solutions and digital marketing success for its clients. To learn more about Red Shark Digital, visit their website.

About TITAN Women In Business Awards: The TITAN Women In Business Awards, organized by the International Awards Associate (IAA), majorly recognizes and honors outstanding accomplishments incorporating international female entrepreneurs, executives, female-led departments/teams, SMEs, and large organizations alike. Amongst all these spectacular submissions, the competition continues to maintain impartiality and equality throughout the evaluation process, ensuring that each crowned TITAN is of the highest quality. To learn more about the TITAN Women In Business Awards visit: The Women in Business Awards website.

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