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New Partnership Establishes AI-Enabled Answerbase as the Ecommerce Helpful Content SEO Tool for Red Shark Digital

May 14, 2024
May 14, 2024

New Partnership Establishes AI-Enabled Answerbase as the Ecommerce Helpful Content SEO Tool for Red Shark Digital

Red Shark Digital

AUSTIN, TX - Answerbase, an AI-enabled Ecommerce SEO tool, announced today a new partnership with Red Shark Digital, North Carolina’s premier digital marketing agency, establishing Answerbase as the recommended optimization tool for Red Shark Digital’s Ecommerce merchants. The integration of Answerbase will fulfill Google’s demand to create helpful, reliable, people-first content, rather than designing content for high search engine rankings. This partnership brings together two category leaders in Ecommerce SEO Automation Tools and Digital Marketing Services to expand Red Shark Digital’s Ecommerce SEO offerings, helping to drive conversions and promote new, organic traffic to Ecommerce stores.

Answerbase’s proprietary platform utilizes AI within an efficient, product-page optimization workflow, empowering Red Shark Digital’s Ecommerce website clients to optimize their pages on Ecommerce sites more efficiently with people-first, helpful content.

“Over the past few years, Google has unmistakably emphasized the importance of prioritizing people-centric, helpful content tailored to meet individual customer needs,” said Alaina Corsini, marketing director at Red Shark Digital.

“Answerbase uniquely addresses the demand for information surrounding products, arming merchants with insights that resonate with their audience. What sets it apart is the strategic use of AI to optimize this content efficiently. It not only boosts website traffic but also enhances conversions for those already navigating through the site,” said Corsini.

The Ecommerce SEO landscape has dramatically changed over the last couple of years, with Google’s release of the Helpful Content Update in August of 2022. This update includes guidance on utilizing AI for efficient content creation in February of 2023, the release of Google’s “Helpful Content System” at the end of 2023, which is now a signal in their automated ranking systems, and then, most recently, the increased display of individual product page merchant listings within the first page of SERPs. 

Ecommerce merchants have had to adjust to this quickly evolving landscape, and according to Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, there is much more to come. Danny recently communicated that customers need to “Buckle Up,” causing a bit of angst in the SEO community and prompting him to clarify what he meant;

“...there’s so much coming that I don’t want to say buckle up, because those who are making good, people-first content should be fine. But that said, there’s a lot of improvements on the way.” (1)

Many websites have seen a 30 to 60 percent drop in organic traffic over the last couple of years, posing a unique challenge for Ecommerce merchants with thousands of pages on their sites needing quick on-page optimization. This is the job that Answerbase has been built to do.

“Answerbase equips us with tools that revolutionize the optimization of Ecommerce product pages, delivering a staggering increase in speed compared to traditional methods,” said Corsini. “With the importance of product page optimization and the volume of pages businesses need to optimize for, tools like Answerbase are critical for an Ecommerce merchant’s long-term success organically.”

Answerbase has been servicing Ecommerce merchants for years, but the incorporation of AI into their already robust solution enabled them to dramatically improve efficiencies in Ecommerce page SEO.

“Generative AI through ChatGPT laid on top of Answerbase’s proprietary content aggregation and optimization workflows enables us to optimize product pages in a much more efficient manner than agencies have traditionally done, ensuring the full customer demand for content before a purchase is fulfilled. We see 7.5 percent of customers who engage with Answerbase on an Ecommerce website convert to a sale as we’re able to auto-suggest pre sales answers from the available product information, and then we identify and fill in any remaining informational gaps with new helpful content that provides a lift for both long-tail and short-tail SEO.”

Digital marketing agencies like Red Shark Digital are on the front line of this shifting SEO landscape, highlighting why partnering with Answerbase is critical for their future success as they adopt new AI-enabled tools that allow merchants to adjust to the changing market.

Ecommerce merchants can add Answerbase to their Ecommerce site either through their Ecommerce platform’s app store (Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc.), or through Answerbase’s widgets or APIs directly.

About Answerbase

Answerbase is an AI-Enabled Ecommerce Helpful Content platform, filling in product-related informational gaps for Ecommerce sites so they have the most efficient way to get their customers answers to their pre sales product questions while distributing that helpful information and content in a way that it becomes the Ecommerce site's primary driver of new organic customer acquisition.

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