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Funky Groovin’ Webflow Website for Up & Coming Illustrator and Author

October 26, 2022
May 1, 2023

Funky Groovin’ Webflow Website for Up & Coming Illustrator and Author

Abby Costello

Red Shark Digital has launched a young artist Webflow website for Syd Vicious Ink, the winner of the 2022 ECU Pirate Entrepreneurship Challenge!

We worked with the challenge winner, Sydney Gilmore, to create a brand new logo for her collection of coloring books. During this process, we chose a color scheme and overall vision, taking direction and inspiration from the young artist. The end result was a circular logo, featuring a sassy pair of lips biting a paintbrush that encompasses the unique flair surrounding the brand.

This website is truly one of a kind, featuring eccentric characters drawn by the young artist herself and large, bubbly typography. The hero section of the site displays an animation of multiple characters created by the artist. Scrolling down, users will find a sliding section of more unique characters as well as the available coloring books to be purchased. Clicking into each book reveals a description and a sneak peek at the coloring pages.

Scrolling further, users will learn more about the artist and view photos and videos of Syd Vicious Ink in the news. A large footer encourages users to follow Syd Vicious Ink on social media.

Sneak Peek:

Check out the uniquely animated hero section:

About Syd Vicious Ink:

The author's unique characters:

Available coloring books:

Meet the author:

Syd Vicious Ink in the news:


Check out the new logo:

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