Battle of the W's: Webflow vs. WordPress for Web Design Greenville NC

Having a website is a pertinent component of any business these days, but not just any ordinary, thrown together website. Your company's site has to be user friendly, for you and the customers. It should be well laid out and information should be easy to find and should look professional while still fitting in your niche. Websites that check off all of those boxes can take months for an inexperienced user to create from scratch, and hiring an in-house web designer can be costly. Then you stumble upon the two most popular site-building websites, Webflow and WordPress. You realize through these tools, creating your own website seems doable, but the competition is on: Webflow vs. WordPress, which W named website would be best suited for your web design Greenville NC? The following article may answer some of your questions.


When any website is created, code (the way to communicate with computers) is always used. Amateur users will probably look at a code and become dumbfounded. If this is you, Webflow might be your go-to for web design in Greenville NC. Webflow skips the process of using coding and offers a vast amount of customization to a website. These customization tools can be picked up within a few week’s time, according to Red Shark Digital’s very own site developer Mike Fenwick, with the help of Youtube videos and Webflow tutorials from RSD and Webflow themselves. The seemingly unlimited options on how to design your website using Webflow sounds great, but when an unseasoned eye begins their web design Greenville NC, it may seem overwhelming and challenging to choose. When making the decision, Webflow vs. WordPress, Webflow is the more user-friendly option when it comes to creating a website, this can raise the price a bit, compared to other developing websites.


WordPress has been around for almost 20 years, and is the most popular site builder in the world. WordPress’s software is free to download to make a blog or simple website. However, in the competition of WebFlow vs. WordPress, you want your website to shine and stand out above the rest, right? To do this with WordPress, new users should make themselves accustomed to the terminology and concepts that the web design Greenville NC tool uses. The default editor is quite simple, with a drag and drop tool, allowing you to select where what type of component lands on a page, such as photos, captions, paragraphs, and more. If the original look of your site isn’t doing it for you, WordPress has hundreds of ready-made templates that you can download and customize. WordPress sounds pretty dandy until you hit the coding aspect. Unless you are a coding wizard, you can only do so much with your web design on WP. You can hire a developer, such as Mike Fenwick through Red Shark Digital advertising agency, or try to learn yourself through videos and tutorials, but it may take a while. As you dig deeper into the design world on WordPress, it becomes more expensive as well, making you pay for a hosting package, certain domains, themes, plugins, and services. All in all, there is a reason why 38% of all websites on the web are created using WordPress, and to those who simply want to create a cheap, and easy personal blog or a similar website, go with WordPress.

Webflow vs. WordPress

If all of this just jumbled your decision more on deciding Webflow vs. WordPress, don’t hesitate to contact Red Shark Digital, tell us what you’re looking for. Our advanced and professional team of developers and content creators will handle everything for you. Your web design Greenville NC represents your organization and can reach millions of people over the internet, so you want it done correctly.