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Modern Web Development: The Essentials

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Modern Web Development: The Essentials

Mike Fenwick

Whether you are rebuilding an existing site or completely developing a new site it’s essential to know what to include for web development Greenville NC. The web development universe can be scary and confusing, and it can be hard to find everything you need to know. We decided to help by making a list of essential items to consider when you begin building your site.

Use Dynamic Content

We have all visited those sites that seem like they haven't been touched in years. The ones that seem like dead ends. The hero section has the same image that was used when it was first developed and the blog has old content. It can really make a user think that they stumbled upon a forgotten and abandoned website. Develop a website that encourages the use of dynamic content. Make is easy for a web manager to upload a blog and replace images throughout the site. This will all depend on what content management system (CMS)  you choose to go with. Webflow is a great choice due to the fact that their Editor is so easy to use. With Webflow’s editor you can create and edit content right on your page, so there's no need to navigate a messy backend CMS.Utilizing dynamic content may also help with your organic search rankings. Web crawlers will have more information to crawl therefore giving them more of an idea of what your site is about and it shows that your business is still active.

Color and Typography

This may fall more in the realm of web design, but there are a good number of people who do both the design work and web development for their business. Using a color scheme is essential when developing your website. Your website shouldn’t have an unrelated collage of colors that have no intention. Your color choices should reinforce your current branding. It’s fairly common for companies to completely rebrand before developing a website. Businesses do this to establish color guidelines to follow for branding and the website. Typography is another important part of a brand's identity. When developing a website make sure you are sticking to a handful of fonts. A general rule of thumb is to not exceed more than 3 font families. Establish your heading hierarchy and make sure your body font is easy to read and timeless. Businesses that establish color/typography guidelines, and more importantly stick to those guidelines, end up having a more cohesive brand image and a stronger message.

Your Website Needs a Higher Purpose

Traditional advertising like print, television, and radio serve a purpose in creating brand awareness. Web development Greenville NC is so important because websites today serve a number of different purposes. Not only can they be used to promote brand awareness, but websites can generate leads, inform, expand a customer base, and offer customer support. Just like any marketing strategy a web developer needs to have clear and defined goals when creating a website. Knowing how the website fits into the overall business strategy will influence the overall functionality that will be required, what content you’ll be using, and how the site will be organized. Determine what role your website will play in your business plan and decide what higher purpose your website will have.

Make It Easy to Get in Touch

When users visit your site they should have an easy way of finding out how to connect with your business. You can include multiple ways for them to contact you. Do this by utilizing contact forms, phone numbers, and email addresses. It helps if you are able to showcase these options in obvious places on your website. Consider adding your phone and email in the footer or header of your site, an element that will be present on every page the user visits. Using social media links or a feed is another way to gain followers and have people interact with your brand in a different way.

The Big Picture - Web Development Greenville NC

When developing your website keep in mind how every piece will function and how every piece will come together to help your business succeed. Balance is the key with web development Greenville NC. Use dynamic content, stick to color and typography guidelines, and determine the higher purpose your website will fulfill. Following these steps will make your website a critical asset to your business. If you are in the Greenville, NC area contact Red Shark Digital today, top marketing agency,  to see how we can help you!

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