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Marketing Minute: Native Advertising

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Marketing Minute: Native Advertising

Red Shark Digital

Native Advertising is the biggest new trend in paid media advertising. Why may you ask? Because instead of the typical traditional banner ads, native ads blend in with the content on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and blogs. An example of this are promoted tweets on twitter or a sponsored video produced by Buzzfeed, like this Tasty video sponsored by Braun.

How does it work?

There are three main types of native advertising including sponsored content, recommended content, and In-Feed social ads. What’s great about native advertising is that users are more likely to share or click on the content because it often grabs their attention. The ads blend seamlessly into the experience and It helps increase engagement and prospective customers better than the traditional display ads.

Not only is native advertising a great tactic, but it has been proven to increase conversions and build your brand. By using original and creative content, Red Shark Digital can take your native ad campaign to the next level, contact us to learn about our successful advertising process. To learn more about native advertising, here are some examples of the best native ad campaigns. Say goodbye to traditional banner ads and hello to native advertising.

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