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It Follows: Site Retargeting Exposed

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

It Follows: Site Retargeting Exposed

Erin Porter

Okay, so what do we know about retargeting? Wait, do you know? You definitely know, you just have no idea that knows what is actually going on. Site Retargeting, ladies, and gentlemen is what takes place when you are doing a little online shopping. You REALLY, really, love something, so much so that it makes it to your cart….. but then you just can’t commit to pulling the trigger. By pulling the trigger we, of course, mean, the PURCHASE.

Like Ten Thousand Spoons When All Ya Need is a Knife.

Well listen, you may think it is just the irony of life, how those little black pumps begin to follow you all across the internet, but in fact, it isn’t ironic. AT ALL. Sorry, Alanis Morissette, you can take a seat, we won’t be needing you for this soundtrack.

People, people, PLEASE pay attention people.

This is a total marketing WIN. Tell me how many times you have had this happen, and actually pushed through the urge to “Complete the Purchase”. I am as guilty as the rest of you (Oh I know you’ve been reminiscing about that "Oh So Lonely", cart you left behind)

Trust me, I have been too.

So enough of the puns, let's get to the cold hard facts. SITE RETARGETING folks. What is Site Retargeting you might ask? It is this magical little tool marketers use, essentially hunting you down after you have visited there site.


Okay so let’s break it down.

1.    Retargeting users who have been on your website.

2.    For the business to make this happen, they actually have to place a universal header/footer on their website.

BAM! Gotcha!

3.     Users are “tagged” and then followed through their web activity and shown them ads as they browse the rest of the Internet.


Even though Site Retargeting represents the very bottom of the purchase funnel, it is a SUPER successful, sneaky way to keep the consumer constantly reminded to BUY! Now if that isn’t crafty, please tell me what is?

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