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Call Tracking: A More Efficient Way To Track Your ROI

November 12, 2021
July 13, 2023

Call Tracking: A More Efficient Way To Track Your ROI

When you market your business online, call tracking is strategic.  Clicking on a phone number associated with your ad counts as a conversion. Google AdWords tracks every click on the associated phone number.

Through dynamic call tracking methods, we can equip you with the tools necessary to effectively track the efficiency of your digital marketing efforts.

With Red Shark Digital’s call tracking, you can track calls from all sources, as well as utilize dynamic number insertion and call recording.


CallRail is a great tool to use. It offers source-level and keyword-level call tracking. With source-level, each marketing campaign has one phone number. Keyword- level call tracking allows you to see exactly which keywords are driving phone conversions.

When you use CallRail, you can use several available features. These include Google AdWords integration, Google Analytics integration, dynamic number insertion, form submissions, text messages, call flow builder, email notifications, and outbound calling. Other neat bonuses are outbound calling and multi-channel attribution. In addition, there are company summary emails too!

Metrics for call tracking are valuable insights for marketers.  Whether your ads are online or offline, phone calls can be driven, submissions can be formed, and text messages can be discovered. Test your marketing campaign’s efficiency with call tracking.

Dynamic number insertion automatically shows your tracking number to your website visitors, via the input of code on each page of your website. Once the code is placed on your site, visitors from AdWords ads will be presented with a special number to contact you on provided by the call tracking servers.

As mentioned, call tracking allows you to truly see how many inquiries that you receive are from your digital marketing efforts! You can even enable settings that will tell you the call is from your online marketing campaigns before the conversation begins! Talk about taking your call tracking to the next extreme.

Capture The Calls

You can capture the full journey from before the call, as well as after the call! This meaning, you will know that the customer found your number via your online marketing campaign. Then, you can monitor what they purchase and see if it correlates to your digital advertising.

Enabling call tracking for your business is a great way to measure your digital marketing success. We here at Red Shark Digital can incorporate your digital marketing campaigns with call track and truly take your digital marketing plans to the next level. Contact us today!

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