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Why Does My Business Need digital marketing?

April 7, 2022
May 1, 2023

Why Does My Business Need digital marketing?

Matt Mitchell

Let’s take a look back at possibly the biggest business shift within the past decade. It’s the beginning of 2020 and the world pandemic as we know it was about to begin. Lockdowns were enforced, health mandates were put in place, businesses had to shut down or restrict hours, and the world we knew was about to change. With the overnight elimination of brick and mortar stores, businesses were forced to change their strategy moving forward in order to survive and prosper within this new economic climate. Looking back it’s now easy to see why digital advertising is important, however, at the time no one could have predicted the digital shift in business to the degree it has gone.


One of the reasons why digital advertising is important is the adaptability to change as the market moves. With business advertising Raleigh markets being constantly changing and ever-evolving, it is important now more than ever to have a digital presence. Digital advertising solutions give you the freedom to not solely rely on one business tactic or strategy to bring in revenue for your business. As our digital advertising agency NC saw during the pandemic, brick and mortar stores were forced to close overnight. Another great example of a market shift like this is the recent elimination of Facebook jobs, specifically on mobile devices. Regardless of what industry you or your business are in, our digital advertising agency NC gives you the freedom to move with the market. This can mean a heavy focus on paid advertising one month, and shifting to a search engine optimization (SEO) focus next month.

Revenue Streams

Another reason why digital advertising is important is the ability to open up multiple revenue streams for your business. While e-commerce based websites can be a great tool for businesses, the explosion of social media has changed the landscape. Having alternate revenue streams such as Facebook Marketplace or Instagram Shopping is a necessity in today’s digital space. Utilizing digital advertising solutions, users are marketed and educated to use these platforms. Being able to push potential users straight through to these marketplaces via digital advertising solutions significantly increases the chance of user conversion. This allows your company to sell products via multiple platforms with high user engagement, not just through your e-commerce website, all at no extra cost to you.

Red Shark Digital | Why Digital Advertising Is Important

Regardless of the business or industry that you’re in, digital advertising is a must-have in today’s technological-based market. Utilizing Red Shark Digital, the leading digital advertising agency NC, adapt your marketing strategy as the market shifts while increasing the available revenue streams through third-party platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. We at Red Shark Digital are a full-service digital advertising agency NC that specializes in everything from web development, paid advertising, SEO, to social media management. Take your business into the digital age and learn why digital advertising is important by checking out our website for more information or give our digital advertising agency NC a call today!

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