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What Is WooCommerce And What Can It Do For You?

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

What Is WooCommerce And What Can It Do For You?

Traditional e-commerce solutions are being pushed to the side by the newest platform, WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a completely customizable e-commerce solution that lets you run things the way you want. It is built on WordPress, a pretty common software running the web today. There is no limit to what WooCommerce can do for your online store. From products, services, transactions, shipping, advertisements and more, WooCommerce gives you complete control.

Where to Start

An online store is more than just the products they sell. A successful store has the complete package: successful advertisements with high conversions, easy to navigate website, location and checkout page. All of this can be controlled with WooCommerce, and it creates the ultimate user experience, just how you want it.

Start with a theme of your choosing, whether it’s a WordPress theme or something off the web, WooCommerce can work seamlessly with it all. When building out your page use categories and tags that make the user’s experience more relevant to them. Show users that you offer products they can trust by displaying customer reviews. The size of your store has no limits, add as many products as you want, with as many pictures as you need.

What Does It Do?

Having a great looking webpage is the first step to having a successful business. What really matters is if that website is generating sales. Making a sale has never been easier with WooCommerce. Your website will have a built-in payment processor and will be able to accept PayPal, credit cards, direct bank transfer, and checks or cash on delivery. Geo-location support calculates the shipping costs for you! Once the user’s address is put in, shipping and tax are calculated in seconds.

Not only is the checking out process easy for you, but for your user as well. Allow customers to create accounts on your website that save their address, contact information and payment methods. This makes checking out fast and simple. Customers will receive update emails for when they make a purchase and how they can track a shipment. As transactions are being made, WooCommerce keeps track of inventory levels, so you don’t have to.

How It Can Help My Business

WooCommerce is all about attracting customers and making purchases. WordPress is known to be one of the best platforms for SEO practices, so who better to trust? A common practice for attracting customers is knowing what they are interested in. Google Analytics is an extension of WooCommerce that will show you what users are looking at it. Using this information, you can target potential customers by showing them products that match their interests. As they see more and more products that compliment each other, they are encouraged to buy more. Another simple way to attract a customer is by displaying coupons. Use special offers like a percentage off or free shipping to peak their interest. Once they are on your site, use a widget to show the top products, sale items and recently viewed so they are constantly seeing products to buy. On the back end, WooCommerce can show you sales, refunds, and what your top selling products and categories are.  

WooCommerce is a plugin that can instantly improve the way your online store operates. It is completely customizable and easy for anyone to use. Create products and sell anything you can think of. It is becoming even easier with the new WooCommerce app! Download it to your smartphone and manage your website from anywhere. With real-time alerts and access to your information anywhere, you’ll always be on top of your game.

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