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What Is CRO in Digital Marketing: 4 Best Practices

July 8, 2022
May 1, 2023

What Is CRO in Digital Marketing: 4 Best Practices

A common question we get asked at Red Shark Digital is what is CRO in digital marketing? While driving traffic to your website is incredibly important, it is also vital to turn the traffic it receives into qualified leads, and that’s exactly what CRO is for.

Conversion rate optimization, commonly known as CRO, is the process of increasing desired actions and generating leads by optimizing your website. CRO involves improving the functionality of your website, content enhancement, and split testing.

What Is Conversion Rate?

But how can you understand what is CRO in digital marketing without knowing what conversion rate means? Your conversion rate is the number of times a user completes a goal divided by the total number of visitors. In other words, conversion rate indicates whether users like what they see on your website or they don’t, the higher the rate the more your users like what they see on your site.

Now that you know what conversion rate means and how it can benefit your project, here are some of the best practices marketing agencies near me apply to leverage CRO strategy.

Define Your Goal AKA “Conversions”

First things first, define your goals! This is the step you don’t want to miss because you’ll apply different strategies to optimize your conversion rate based on those goals. Conversions can include form submissions, email sign-ups, sales, and more. Knowing what you want to accomplish with your project can determine the success of your campaign, so before you consider other tactics, define attainable and measurable goals.

Know Your Audience and Communicate Accordingly

Did you know that 42 percent of companies don’t listen to their customers? Knowing your target audience is key to improving conversion rate. Take the time to understand your audience, and improve your content and on-site experience based on their needs. Red Shark Digital, the leader in marketing agencies near me, suggests focusing on making CTAs more appealing and updating content to communicate your services in detail.

Test Everything Over and over Again

One of the most important parts of CRO is testing your experiments over and over until you are happy with the result. Whether you are performing A/B testing or multivariate testing, going through a trial and error process will set your business for success. By testing different CRO elements, you’ll make future important decisions based on real data and eventually get better results.

Patience is Key

Like everything in the world of digital marketing near me, success takes time. So does CRO. It is important to run tests for longer periods of time, in order to gather qualified information. Conversion rate optimization can seem intimidating at first. However, when you rely on marketing agencies near me like Red Shark Digital, CRO can be an effective way of improving visitor experience and generating more leads.

Red Shark Digital | Digital Marketing Near Me

Want to know more about what is CRO in digital marketing? Whether you are a digital marketing strategist or a business owner looking for marketing agencies near me, Red Shark Digital is your one-stop-shop for all things marketing-related. Our team of digital experts will help you take your business to the next level. Check out our services and client testimonials by visiting our website.

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