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25 Cool Designs We're Loving in 2023

August 8, 2022
May 10, 2023

25 Cool Designs We're Loving in 2023

Erin Porter

Design is constantly changing, and our team of creative Greenville NC professionals has loved the flow of inspiration that we’ve gotten from today’s cool designs and creative trends! Check out some cool designs from our creative Greenville NC team and other working designers in the creative space that we’ve been loving.

1. Sprightly CBD Advertisement Deck

Red Shark Digital’s creative Greenville NC team designed this advertisement deck for one of our clients specializing in high-quality CBD products, Sprightly. For these cool designs, our team created a deck using contrasting dark and light palettes that highlighted the company’s most popular products. Using the popular design platform Figma, your creative services near me utilized advanced design techniques to create a polished set of ads that attracted target audiences. We love the pops of color against the neutral backgrounds!

2. Blue Print by Jamie Powell (@twchex)

Jamie Powell, a graphic designer on our creative Greenville NC team, created “Blue Print” with Adobe Illustrator. You can’t go wrong with cool cars and cool designs. Check out his Instagram for more cool designs like this.

3. Originals by Alex Kettler (@v0n_kettler)

Alex Walters, a member of our creative Greenville NC crew, utilized Adobe Illustrator to create this graphic. Using features like the pen tool, pathfinder tool, gradients, feathering tool, and more, Alex shows his skills to create an attractive, shareable art piece that we are proud to place towards the top of our list of cool designs! Check out our resources on how to use Adobe Illustrator to create cool designs like this for your portfolio.

4. Gustavo Silva (@designergsilva)

When our creative Greenville NC members think of “cool designs,” Gustavo Silva was at the top of our mentions. Based in Portugal, Silva specializes in graphic and multimedia design using 3D graphics, illustration, and platforms like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create statement design pieces that include pop culture icons, bright palettes, and vibrant geometrics. Check out more of Silva’s work on his online portfolio.

5. An Original Work by Alex Kettler (@v0n_kettler)

This work made our cool designs list due to the beautiful color palette, use of symmetrical lines, and intricate detail that places a focus on color contrast. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

7. Overset Text (@oversettext)

We are proud to include Overset Text in our cool designs collection! Red Shark Digital received an entry from Overset Text on a design challenge led by our creative Greenville NC team that was featured on our social media page almost one year ago. Today, Overset Text sits at over 80,000 Instagram followers and has an extremely loyal fanbase that is inspired daily by his works. We can’t get enough of the use of realism elements, oversized and bolded fonts, and overall vintage vibes from his cool designs.

8. Dhani Prima Ariv (@paikokgitu)

Kecil Studio’s Dhani Prima Ariv is a hot topic when it comes to cool designs. His personal style often consists of dynamic, cartoon-style characters with an important message to share. If you’re searching for an upcoming designer who knows a thing or two about cool designs, our creative Greenville NC professionals recommend checking him out!

9. Ideology Design Studio (@ideologydesignstudio)

This Malaysian-based design studio has got the “juice” when it comes to cool designs! This campaign surrounding the company’s rebranding featured bold, colorful contrasts between vibrant orange hues against grayscale backgrounds. Our creative Greenville NC team appreciated each unique asset this campaign brought to the table. Head to their Instagram to check out their rebranding campaign!

10. Marlee Schaefer (@marlee_schae2000)

Marlee Schaefer, a graphic design student at Mississippi College, created “Everything is Funkydori!” as part of her course requirements. We loved the ‘70s summer inspiration of this piece and knew that we simply had to include it on our list! Check out her other cool designs on her Instagram.

6. Snake Ad by Alex Kettler (@v0n_kettler)

Inspired by Machine Girl’s “Ghost,” Alex created this graphic using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Are we the only ones reminded of “Y2K” and Tony Hawk Underground 2 PlayStation Portable with this design?

11. Adam (@adam_theillustrator)

Our own Spencer Bunting is inspired by Adam’s aesthetic in his personal creative designs. Adam’s focus on positivity through cartoon-style characters and retro fonts is what makes this artist a part of our cool designs list!

12. Alberto Hidalgo (@bertdesign_)

We’re getting old Hollywood vibes all day long with Alberto Hidalgo’s nostalgic cool designs. From bright, bold colors and heavy grain to film photos and bright contrasts, Hidalgo’s work is an industry-shaker, to be sure. Our creative Greenville NC team can’t get enough of his variety of designs that show off his mastery and passion! Check out Hidalgo’s full range of dynamic, cool designs on his Instagram.

13. All original AI generated art (@design.aiart)

One of our favorite trends in AI has been the uproar in AI-generated art that is dominating social media! “Design.AIArt” on Instagram shares vintage-inspired design, architecture, fashion, vintage magazine covers, and posters. These cool designs offer a glimpse into alternative ways that AI can be used to serve as inspiration for designers everywhere.

14. Luisa Azevedo (@hey.luisa)

If you’ve been searching for truly one-of-a-kind cool designs, check out Luisa Azevedo’s work. Azevedo blurs the line between realism and fantasy with her design skills, often featuring elements of nature in her work to create something out of a dream. Check out her Instagram for more cool designs like this!

15. Rasheed (@subpoenawilliams)

If there’s one thing our creative Greenville NC designers have noticed about recent trends, it’s that retro is making a big comeback. Vintage elements from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s are pushing their way to mainstream media, and it’s evident through today’s advertisement trends. We draw designs from artists like Rasheed that draw from street style and media trends to create cool designs like these. Whether it be for a professional campaign or your own personal creations, our creative Greenville NC team encourages you to draw inspiration from designers before you to unlock new skills that you can add to your ever-growing toolkit!

16. Troy Browne (@troybrowne)

Troy Browne is known for his unique style. Browne’s cool designs often feature different assemblages of boxy cutouts that stand out against contrasting bright backgrounds. Drawing from pop culture references to create his works, Troy Browne truly makes a statement in his cool designs that continuously inspires our team of creative Greenville NC designers. Check out more of his work on his website!

17. Jordan (@_okiden)

Our creative Greenville NC team has been noticing a trend toward large and in-charge font types. Allowing text to spill slightly off of the frame is one way to make a powerful, larger-than-life statement, and Instagram’s “@_okiden” knows how to achieve just that! Based in Australia, Jordan has created a successful name for himself through his cool designs, drawing inspiration from vintage posters and magazines. Most recently, Jordan landed a collaboration deal with a popular tech accessory company, CASETiFY. The collaboration includes a line of phone and Airpod cases featuring his cool designs! Kudos, Jordan.

18. Vickie Moore (@designsomemoore)

We love this business card set designed by Vickie Moore! Moore, a UK-based designer, specializes in branding, visual identity, and packaging design. She displays her cool designs on her social media, where she shares the vision behind her designs throughout her creative process. Our creative Greenville NC team loves her use of intentional colors, unique fonts, and diverse skillset. Check out her website to see more of her work.

19. “Cloud.CB” (@cloud.cb)

Instagram’s “@cloud.cb” earned their spot on our cool designs list through their eccentric style choice. The alternative style speaks to the continued influence that contemporary mid-century works still holds in the design world. While designs such as these may be offputting to some, we understand that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Expressing your creative style in your personal work deserves to be celebrated! That’s why we’re including this gem amongst our other favorite cool designs.

20. Zeb Mayer (@zeb_mayer)

Zeb Mayer’s charming art style made him an instant addition to our selection. Based in Connecticut, Mayer uses his talents to create engaging illustrations for branding identity. Above is one of Mayer’s many cool designs that he created for a brewing company not far from his own studio. Mayer’s works often experiment with different textures and focus on movement to tell a story. Visit his Instagram to see more of his cool designs!

21. Eduardo Morgan Gaytán (@hey.morgan)

Based in Mexico, Eduardo Morgan Gaytán is a lettering and graphic designing expert who uses Adobe Photoshop to create vibrant, detailed pieces of art, highlighting his advanced skills in the program. His cool designs often feature advanced lettering techniques to bring his text to life. Visit his social media to check out his range of cool designs!

22. Thomas Hedger (@hedgerart)

Award-winning artist Thomas Hedger utilizes a wide variety of design techniques that make him an essential addition to our list of cool designs. Through bold line work, vibrant colors, flawless gradients, and more, Hedger has earned his place in the design world. Hedger has worked with industry-leading clients to create wonderfully crafted illustrations that speak for themselves. Check out his cool designs that inspire our creative Greenville NC team on his Instagram!

23. Carolina Panthers Design Team (@panthers)

The Carolina Panthers football team isn’t the only thing bringin’ the heat. We’ve been loving the content from the Panthers’ Instagram, specifically those made by the organization’s graphic design and creative team. Recently the Panthers’ Instagram highlighted players with their own magazine headline-inspired designs. Our creative Greenville NC team loved the cool designs that the Panthers’ design crew came up with!

24. Kento IIDA (@whykentowhy)

Kento IIDA’s charming illustrations simply had to be a part of our cool designs list! This Tokyo-based artist creates humorous, quirky illustrations of everyday life. Our professional creative Greenville NC team notes the striking contrast of brightly saturated colors and attention to detail that Kento pays forward to tell his stories through his creations. Check out his Instagram for more of his cool designs and illustrations!

25. Valentin Pujadas (@dirtypote)

Paris-based illustrator and art director Valentin Pujadas wraps up our lineup of artists with a passion for their creations. Last but certainly not least, Pujadas fills his feed with animated characters that take us back to our childhood. His signature cartoon style features brightly-colored scenes and lively characters that truly set him apart as a creator in his space! Check out his website for more of his cool designs and creations.

Red Shark Digital | Creative Greenville NC

Folks, there you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the tip of the iceberg of some cool designs from creatives in our space. We are constantly inspired by creators that are driving the creative Greenville NC industry and beyond. For even more cool designs like these, head to our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for inspiration designed by our own creative Greenville NC team!

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