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Dos & Don'ts of Holiday Web Design in Greenville, NC

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Dos & Don'ts of Holiday Web Design in Greenville, NC

Red Shark Digital

With the holiday season approaching you might want to implement some holiday-themed elements on your website. While this can increase traffic to your website, it's easy to get carried away with holiday cliches. We've put together a list of do's and don'ts to help you successfully add holiday cheer to your web design Greenville.

Don't: Over Do It

While you might want to go all out with a total holiday makeover to your web design Greenville, a simple holiday-themed slider on your homepage might be enough. Mattress Firm's website has a bold slider that quickly provides users with important information about their Black Friday sale. This puts the customer into the mindset of holiday sales without having to redo their entire homepage.

Don't: Lose Your Branding in the Holiday Graphic Elements

Match your current branding when it comes to color scheme, layout, and other page components. You don't want to shock consistent customers if they're used to a minimal design and layout and then encounter a barrage of flickering holiday lights and cluttered gift offers. Chick-fil-A has kept the look of their website almost exactly the same this season. They stayed consistent with their use of high-quality imagery of an isolated food product but chose a festive flavored product to highlight. The image combined with the holiday-themed description adds a holiday flair without having to stray from their current branding and layout.

Don't: Don't Slow Down your Website with too Many Unnecessary Additions

Your customers will quickly lose interest in your holiday additions if their experience on your website is negatively impacted because of them. Adding multiple holiday animations to your homepage might seem fun if you're in the holiday spirit, but it will clutter the website and lead to slower loading times for the user.

Do: Get Creative with Holiday Elements

Adding holiday cheer to your website doesn't have to be red and green color schemes or illustrated turkeys. Amazon's homepage combines winter elements with fall colors to focus on their Black Friday deals, but prepares customers for the following holiday season. This changes the feel of the whole homepage by simply adding a banner with some holiday elements and changing the background color of their featured products.

Do: Let Images do the Work

If your web design Greenville already features a lot of images, try using some images that feature a holiday setting. Free People has subtle holiday graphic elements, and references to gifting, but mainly pushes the holiday themes through their imagery. The homepage features winter attire in outdoor settings. Showing products in a winter setting, or with holiday props, is an easy way to change the feel of your website without having to add a lot of holiday graphics.

Now that you know how to avoid the cliches, get creative this season and drive more traffic to your website by adding some holiday cheer! Whether you're going for a total redo of your landing page or just wanting to add a simple holiday slider, Red Shark Digital can help with any web design Greenville projects.

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