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Four Ways to List Social Media on Your Business Cards

April 7, 2022
October 27, 2023

Four Ways to List Social Media on Your Business Cards

If you are looking for ideas on how to list social media on business cards you’ve come to the right place! At Red Shark Digital we specialize in graphic design Greenville NC and ensuring your business’s branding is in sync. With social media management being a staple for any business’s online presence, displaying those socials on business cards is great for customer engagement. Including a QR code, icons, or an ‘at’ symbol are just a few ways to list social media on business cards for graphic design near you.


One of the most popular ways for graphic design Greenville NC to display your social accounts is by using icons. Icons offer almost limitless options and variety; you can design them according to your chosen theme, color pallet, or even make them unique with your style like the ones shown in the "Zoe Persico" example above. On websites like "Icons8", "vectezzy", or even "envato elements"; there is no shortage of icon collections to try or pull inspiration from for graphic design Greenville NC.

Keeping it simple with an @

If you use the same username across all of your social media accounts then this layout is a no-brainer. This approach is minimal and instantly fits a wide variety of styles and layouts for listing social media on business cards.

how to list social media on business cards | Red Shark Digital

Why not both?!

There is always the option of combining the two previous solutions, and pairing. This option is great if you can’t decide how to list social media on business cards.

The QR Route

Another great way to list social media on business cards is to display your socials by including QR codes linking to your social media accounts.No matter what route you choose in designing your business cards, just remember that the overall design and presentation of your business card is a reflection of yourself. Always include information that you feel best represents you and your service or business.

How to List Social Media on Business Cards | Graphic Design Greenville NC

If you are wondering how to list social media on business cards the graphic design Greenville NC experts at Red Shark Digital are ready to bring your social media accounts to life! Whether it be with a QR code or an icon, social media accounts on your business cards are a great way to boost your business branding and social media following while remaining relevant in today’s current trends. Check out our design rush profile and see how we can do more than just business cards for your company! Contact Red Shark Digital and list social media on your business cards and more today!

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