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Figma: The Tool for All Careers

August 26, 2022
May 1, 2023

Figma: The Tool for All Careers

Figma is a tool for all careers. This platform can help any creative, from beginners to professionals, create and design beautiful digital products. Virtually all career paths can become Figma careers. Figma combines the flexibility of working in code with the simplicity of using professional graphics tools. There are three main components of the Figma platform:

  • Design Tools - A library of free vector shapes and UI elements available for use in your designs
  • Code Editor - A real-time collaborative editor that supports multiple file formats (SVG/XML/JSON). You can edit both text and images directly within the editor
  • Publish Tool - This allows you to publish your designs as interactive prototypes or static images/videos directly from within Figma (no need for additional plugins).

Here are a few professions in which implementing our beloved design and creative tool can transform these careers into Figma careers!

Project Managers

A project manager is a person who leads a team of people and resources in achieving a common goal. From a CEO standpoint, transforming your team of project managers into a unit of industry professionals mastering their Figma careers can be extremely valuable. As a project manager, you can use Figma to create and manage your projects. Project managers within our own creative services Greenville NC agency use Figma to communicate with your team to ensure that everyone is working on the same page and progressing on their respective tasks. Figma is designed with that specific information in mind: it allows you to create communication tools that help everyone on the team understand your vision while allowing feedback on how your members plan on achieving it. It’s easy to see how Figma is an incredibly powerful tool for project managers. Even if you aren’t managing a team, there are still plenty of Figma careers flourishing through using the platform.


A marketer is someone who creates and distributes marketing materials, specifically advertisements or campaigns that encourage people to buy something. Leaders in marketing Figma careers are using the tool to create content, collaborate with other members of their team, and archive social media content for clients. With all of your social media content stored in one place (on Figma), updating individual posts becomes quick and easy when necessary - no more scrambling around trying to find something that needs changing before someone sees it live online!

Video Editors

Video editors are all about storytelling. Video editors, like graphic designers, are responsible for developing narratives and creating a storyboard for their videos. The only difference between these Figma careers is that a video editor's work is on display through motion on the screen rather than on paper or in print form. When making the switch to Figma careers in video editing (as opposed to Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Pro X), you have access to all of your assets. Harnessing the power of Figma careers allows you to export each piece of animation in a fraction of the time it takes to do so in Adobe Illustrator. With help from plugins like Aninix, you can create prototypes of motion graphics that you would otherwise resort to keyframe out in After Effects.

Red Shark Digital | Invest in Figma Careers

To conclude, implementing Figma careers for your team can boost employee productivity and execution. Figma’s user-friendly design and team-oriented features make turning your employees into professionals within their newfound Figma careers. Red Shark Digital invests in our experts in Figma careers, and you can too! With years of experience creating quality assets, graphics, and other creative services, we are here to show up and show out for your business. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about how our creative services Greenville NC professionals can transform your brand identity.

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