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Figma Tips For Logo Design Greenville NC From Designer

January 18, 2022
May 1, 2023

Figma Tips For Logo Design Greenville NC From Designer

 If you're some sort of graphic designer, then you might probably know about Figma and what all it can do for designing. This easy-to-use application lets you design apps, websites, and other UI components that can be integrated into other projects. While Figma is a useful tool, I often find incredible, time-saving features that I wish I knew about sooner making the web designing process easier, faster, and in return, increasing my productivity. Here are a few logo design Greenville NC tips I've discovered since integrating Figma into my everyday design workflow.

Think Outside the Frame

One thing I've come to do with every project is that I have started keeping reference images, typefaces, and color palettes on the space around the frame of my design. I find this useful for the beginning stages of a design and when the direction isn't so clear, my Figma files can kinda become a mess so recently I've been applying "Auto Layout" (Shift+A) and choosing to vertically or horizontally distribute my reference pieces. You can develop and format your inspiration boards to be as creative service Greenville NC as you want!  

Duplicate Your Duplicates

When working on any graphic design Greenville NC related work in Figma; I would recommend you to always duplicate your work after each revision, to do this just click your frame and press CMD+D/CTRL+D. Another reason to do this is to keep track of the logo development process for presentation later.  

Figma & Illustrator in Tandem... Sorta

One thing I've learned about Figma is that you can copy and paste vector files from Adobe Illustrator straight into your Figma file, but the same can don't be done from Figma into Illustrator. This helps if I need specific elements from an Illustrator file for my logo design Greenville NC and cuts the time of exporting the element as an asset in Illustrator. One thing to note, the items you paste over COULD be pasted as an image if it is too complex.  

An Ode to the Scale Tool

If you ever need to quickly scale your design; type included, instead of outlining your text to stroke (yep, I'm that dumb) just simply press K or go into the toolbar and select the scale tool. This scales your design, text, frame, and more down proportionally to its original size.  

Save Your Style

A recent Figma feature I've started to use to save time is saving my project color palette in the "Color Styles" panel. To do this, click the four dots to the left of the + icon in the Fill panel. A window will appear labeled "Color Styles" and in the right-hand corner of the window is a "+" icon. Click that icon to save your selected palette. Now when applying color to your design or design elements you can apply it from there.  

Logo Design Greenville NC Using Figma | Red Shark Digital

These few tips are really only scratching the surface of what can be done with and within Figma. Whether you are looking for logo design Greenville NC or entire templates, Figma and its shortcuts are undoubtedly the way to go. If you can't quite grasp the concept and would rather leave the designing to the professionals, contact Red Shark Digital for any graphic design Greenville NC project you may have.

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