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Target Users with Site Retargeting

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Target Users with Site Retargeting

Ever wonder how after you’ve browsed the products on a website you see ads for that same website on your social media and other pages? Well, that’s all thanks to Site Retargeting.

The Breakdown

Site Retargeting is a nifty tool that allows us to follow a users activity as they browse the web. This is done by placing a site pixel in the universal header/footer of your site. Whenever a customer visits your site, they will be “tagged” so whatever sites they visit on the web they can be shown your ads. These pixels also allow for a site retargeting pool to develop even before your campaign is launched.

The Red Shark Way

Our Site Retargeting process doesn’t stop there. With access to your site, we will install the site pixel for you making this process as simple as can be. This also allows us to help troubleshoot any issues that arise to make sure your campaign is worry-free.

Simple and effective, site retargeting is a great way to target potential customers that have previously visited your site. With that being said, please enjoy our ads next time you’re browsing the web! If you want to start retargeting users who visit your site, contact Red Shark Digital today!

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