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Taking Your SEM to the Next Level: Video

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Taking Your SEM to the Next Level: Video

Abby Costello

Video marketing is a rapidly expanding platform and is taking the advertising industry by storm. In fact, 55% of people watch videos online each day! With that noted, it is imperative that you incorporate video into your business’ SEM. According to VidYard, marketers who use video in their advertising grow revenue almost 50% faster than those who do not utilize video in their marketing plans.

One of the biggest myths when it comes to video is that it is expensive and extremely time-consuming to create, upload, and utilize in SEM campaigns. Now if you’re trying to upload a video to YouTube or a Facebook ad on a dial-up connection, well we could see the upload taking a while. But hey, while the video is uploading you could always binge watch Netflix, or focus your efforts elsewhere. Even utilizing the videos, you create in your campaigns is as simple as creating ads, that you’re already creating! As far as the creation aspect of videos it can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.

When some advertisers hear the video, they cringe at trying to squeeze an already small budget into a large production, but creating a video ad does not have to be a large production at all! Think about YouTube, for example; there are so many channels that vlog from a low-quality point and shoot camera that rack in millions of views. You don’t even need the point and shoot thought to film your videos as you have one of the most powerful compact video cameras around in your pocket. If you guessed your smartphone, then you were right! Whether you are #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid, your device still has an HD video camera that will be more than sufficient for creating video advertisements for your business! Now that you have your camera ready to go, here are some tips to take your video ads to the next level.


To create a stunning video for your ads, it is common for one to think that they will need a light kit equipped with backdrops and the works to create something visually appealing. Now, if your budget allows, I’m not saying ruling out a light kit. In fact, one of my personal favorites are the softbox models instead of ring lights as they aren’t as harsh. You can find some affordable softbox lights on Amazon. However, for when your budget doesn’t allow for you to go out and pick up a light kit, you always have the option of natural lighting. If you’ve ever taken a selfie, you know how much better one that is taken outside via natural lighting is compared to the one you took in your living room with the ceiling light on. Video is the same way! You may have to wait it out for a day that is beautiful enough for you to get the shots you need, but natural lighting is free and can be well worth the wait.


Another thing that can make your video ads stand out is the use of angles. Let’s be honest, watching a video from the same straight on angle gets boring. Incorporating side views or panorama shots of your business are always going to be visually appealing and will result in consumers engaging with your content.

Utilize YouTube

Did you know, YouTube reports 4 billion video views per day? With over 4 billion views a day, you can imagine how the possibilities for utilizing YouTube are endless. Not only are pre and mid-roll ads a great way to grow your business via YouTube, but creating a YouTube channel and establishing an audience are also great ways to increase your revenue and grow your business. One-third of YouTube viewers will share a video after watching it. So, If you establish a fan base on YouTube and then your fan base shares your videos, your videos can be seen by the masses.

Create for Mobile

65% of Facebook views, as well as over 50% of all YouTube traffic, is now mobile. Mobile usage is increasing daily, and it is crucial that you incorporate mobile into your SEM video marketing. There are many ways to do this, but one way to optimize content for mobile involves video ads on Facebook. As you know, when a user is scrolling through their Facebook feeds, videos auto play, even if the sound on their device is turned off. Since the videos will play without audio, you will need to add text to the video ad so that the viewer will know what you’re advertising. Adding this text to your videos is super simple, despite contrary belief.


As mentioned, when creating video ads, you should include text. To do this, it does require a little editing on your part. However, you do not need to download a $140 program to add some text and effects to your video ads. There are many apps for your smartphone, such as VidLab, that allow you edit and add text to video, and then export them to your camera roll. Also, many computers come equipped with some form of video editing software. For example, Macs come equipped with iMovie.


Incorporating video in your SEM is an excellent way to increase engagement and boost revenue. Video is constantly evolving and growing each day! If you scroll through your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram right now chances are you will be exposed to a plethora of video, whether it be an ad or just a viral video, video is everywhere. Now that you know how to utilize the tools you have and get out there and start shooting eye-catching video ads!

Still, have questions? Red Shark Digital is a full-service marketing agency in Greenville, NC. Contact us today for everything from video creation to the implementation of video in your SEM. Let’s make waves together!

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