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Neumorphism in Digital Advertising

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Neumorphism in Digital Advertising

Red Shark Digital

What is it?

In case you missed the influx of Neumorphism inspiration images, it is a new user experience style. It functions by using one screen color with subtle shadows and highlights to indicate aspects of the system. This makes the elements appear to be behind and are protruding through the screen, with a few variations showing elements sinking into the background. This is a soft interface. It is a combination of creating realistic elements in the digital realm and adding a flat subtlety to them. Neumorphism cannot be used with a solid white background because it requires subtle highlighting and shadows to be seen. It is an interesting style, but it presents a few problems for use in Greenville NC marketing.

Accessibility Issues

At first sight, it’s very visually appealing. Once you start looking at the details and considering how it will function, it becomes less appealing. While it became a big trend on inspiration sites and practice projects, the style is not generally used in real-life projects at a digital advertising agency. This is mainly because it creates a lot of issues for accessibility with the extremely low contrast used in the design. Adding contrast is not an easy fix though, due to the design relying on the low contrast to create the subtle curves. This presents the biggest challenge when it comes to buttons and CTA’s (calls to action), which is essential for Greenville NC marketing. It is hard to distinguish buttons from other design elements when using this style. There is also not a strong call to action with the subtle, soft design. This can be remedied by mixing styles, and swapping the CTA and button styles to something more bold.

Coding Issues

The next issue with the style is the increased difficulty in coding it. It is not overly difficult, but the extra added steps are not worth the decreased accessibility and quality of user experience it produces. Greenville NC marketing relies on work efficiency and quality user experience, making this style not ideal.Like anything, Neumorphism is just another design problem. There’s no reason to fully write it off because of its issues with user experience. The more designers that try to incorporate Neumorphism, the more apparent it will be if it's a design issue that can be solved for use at a digital advertising agency or just an unfortunate trend.

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