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Is Online Education Advertising Necessary?

October 8, 2020
May 1, 2023

Is Online Education Advertising Necessary?

Red Shark Digital

You have most likely seen an education advertisement for the “best MBA program” in the country. Higher education is being advertised more and more but it is an investment that is dependent on your personal goals, dreams and ambitions. It is a personal choice that is made for various reasons such as a salary increase, greater work opportunities, higher-level management positions, increased knowledge and expertise, and much more. However, when making this choice, the advertisements that potential students see online often sway their decision. Millennials are spending increasingly more time online, with the advantage of higher education advertising continuing to rise.


I recently obtained an MBA with a focus on International Management and my decision to attend that specific school was definitely influenced through their online marketing tactics. When I started my undergrad I knew I wanted to get my MBA right after, but what I did not know was what school I would go to. At my university, higher education advertising was used heavily for their MBA program and ultimately the decision I made stemmed from these initial digital advertisements. Before I began researching other opportunities, I already knew that the university offered an accelerated program with the option to be completely online. This information was gathered simply from the online advertisements. This brand awareness from the school’s online ads provided me with the information I needed to keep me hooked in, leaving me with zero regrets for continuing my education the way that I did.

Higher education advertising done properly should deliver brand awareness to display quality education. Red Shark Digital, one of the top marketing firms Greenville NC, recommends expanding higher education branding into the digital space. As noted in my personal experience, online advertising strongly influenced my decision to attend the university. Social media is a great tool to use for education advertising. Since higher education is an investment, many do not know if it is quite worth it to get that second degree. Social media can be utilized to feature successful alumni, students, and faculty as a form of encouragement for continuing their education. It is impactful to see others who are having great success post-graduation and the groundbreaking research graduate students and faculty are completing.

Education advertising campaigns should be strategic with personalized content for your audience, along with precise verbiage and communication. Higher education advertising does not need to be cut and dry, but instead, it should be interactive. Incorporate the strengths of your university into higher education advertising and social media by always staying up to date in the digital advertising world. Reevaluate course content and the audience you would like to target in order to continuously evolve education advertising. Every university is unique, so make sure that information is highlighted within campaigns and content shared online. Share and engage in posts from your audience to create a personal connection.

Red Shark Digital’s Take On Higher Education Advertising

In all, Red Shark Digital, one of the top marketing firms Greenville NC, recommends higher education advertising in order to provide brand awareness and be present is why higher education is an investment worth making. To learn more about higher education advertising in the digital world, contact us today!

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