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How Does Google Handle Policy Violations and Fake Reviews?

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

How Does Google Handle Policy Violations and Fake Reviews?

Matt Mitchell

Google My Business (GMB) is an effective tool for local businesses to gauge customer feedback while promoting their business online. Customer reviews are one of the most important aspects of GMB. These reviews can either help or harm a business depending on the validity and claims made within the review. While most people do not cause an issue, there are bad actors that can flood a business's page with negative and invalid feedback. Through a series of stages, Google and any digital advertising agency can detect these fake reviews and negate them to present real feedback for both the business and consumer. If a business does not want to leave this up to Google, an advertising agency Raleigh NC can also help manage reviews and other content.


Google uses a two-prong approach when detecting these fake reviews. This is useful to know as an advertising agency Raleigh NC. The first is an automated detection system that uses algorithms to detect abusive, repetitive, and other out-of-place behavior. These algorithms use cues to detect abnormal behavior and compares that with typical user data. Another key benefit of the algorithms is the ability to detect fake Google My Business profiles. This automated detection system is designed to prevent policy violations at large scale.The second prong Google uses is human moderators. These individuals and teams of people step in when the algorithms cannot analyze a certain set of data or gives an error message. Human moderators also have a hand in is ensuring the automated algorithm does not overstep its boundaries and begin to remove things that shouldn't be removed. An advertising agency Raleigh NC can also help monitor business pages and detect any red flags that may arise.


When a policy violation is encountered by either the moderators or algorithm, one of several actions will be taken by Google:

  • Remove illegitimate reviews and misleading content
  • Profile ownership revocation
  • Possible ranking penalties have been proposed, but unconfirmed at this time

In Summary

Google uses a combination of tactics and strategies to ensure the information included on Google My Business is accurate to both the business and the consumer digital advertising agency. While most users are legitimate and have good intentions, there are still some bad apples in the mix. Using computer algorithms combined with a moderation team of employees helps prevent any unnecessary content flags while removing content that is a clear violation policy. An advertising agency Raleigh NC can also help with managing Google My Business ensuring there is no lag while keeping information current and up to date.

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