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How To Get Users To Prefer Your Business

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

How To Get Users To Prefer Your Business

Abby Costello


Retargeting is all about familiarity. It reminds people that they are interested in the products or services that you are selling, and encourages them to buy from you and feel comfortable in doing so. It is also a great way to address possible concerns that buyers may have. Retargeting will help you build familiarity and decrease that level of perceived threat, making customers feel that much more comfortable doing business with you rather than anyone else.


Repetition and re-exposure are surefire ways to assist a person in becoming comfortable with something new. For example, if your business has a great marketing message, turn into a blog post, podcast, graphic, video, etc. The possibilities are endless, and the re-exposure will drill it into the heads of everyone who comes across it. Make your business unforgettable by creating something for people to remember you by.

Minimize Risk

Customers will always associate some type of risk with making a purchase: loss of money, loss of time, etc. Strive to let them know that the purchase is worth it. Use the concept of social proof by including testimonials and reviews on your website. The truth is, people usually trust other people more than they trust a business. Make sure that the testimonials and reviews that you post for potential customers to see feel real and honest, or else they will actually work against you.

Influencer Marketing

As stated before, people usually trust other people more than they trust a business. Influencers advertise your products to their loyal followers on social media, and those followers trust that the influencer would never advertise a product they didn’t know and love. A business is never going to outwardly state something negative about themselves, so it can be hard for potential consumers to trust all the good things a business says about themselves. However, people see influencers as other “real people” with an opinion that they can trust. This is a highly effective way build trust in your business.We hope that these tactics will help inspire you to retarget and repurpose your marketing strategies in order to convince potential customers to prefer your business. We wish you all the success!

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