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Forward Thinking: Digital Marketing in 2019

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Forward Thinking: Digital Marketing in 2019

Abby Costello

In 2018 we have seen a variety of marketing trends that have taken over. But now as this year slowly comes to an end, it is time to see what new methods will dominate when it comes to digital marketing  in 2019. As of now, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what will take-over, but based off of recent data we have come up with a few guesses to get behind!

Smart Speakers

Is that surprising? We don’t think so. This year only, smart speakers have made a revenue of 11.8 billion and it is predicted that number will jump to 27.8 billion by 2022. The growth is due to not only the aggressive consumer interest that people have but has to do with the (also) aggressive marketing coming from Google, Amazon, and Apple. This is a big deal in the marketing aspect because this means that people are now going to have another device to make searches on, think of AdWords but through your Google Home. There will likely also be more audio publications for listeners.

Live Video Will Continue to Grow

Did you know that 80 percent of people would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog? Of this 80 percent, 82 percent prefer live video from a brand over your typical social post. It is surprising, but live videos are unique in the fact that it gives consumers to get an insider view. It also gives brands the opportunity to interact with their consumers live, show them their products or services, and create a better relationship between the public and the company.

Internet Time Will Catch Up to TV Time

By 2019, the number of videos or movies watched on phones will be about the same as watching actual TV in terms of hours watched. What does this mean? As internet use continues to grow, advertising and marketing will likely have a shift from TV advertising, to video ads. In 2019 people will spend 2.6 hours a day online and 2.7 watching television. This is a big deal in terms of marketing, do you plan on switching up your advertising? In general, things are looking like they are going to get more technological and user-friendly in terms of the consumer. People are trying to find ways to save more time, be more efficient, but also be in the “know”, so anything that falls along those lines is likely to continue to grow in the coming year. If you haven’t thought about these before, it may be time to consider using them as marketing tools, if not now, maybe in the future.

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