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Digital Roundup: 10/04

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Digital Roundup: 10/04

Are you trying to keep tabs on all things digital? Well, don't spend hours scouring a variety of different news sites, when we are here to share with you some of the biggest headlines in the digital space this week.


The iPhone users of the world were excited about the release of the new iPhone XS, XS max. These phones offered a new feature for their cameras called the “beauty filter”. The front-facing camera offers a selfie camera which automatically processes the face and filters the skin to appear smoother. The average selfie taker would be ecstatic over this new feature if it was working correctly. The new users of the iPhone have complained to Apple saying the photos are bad quality. The new iPhone cameras focus on low-light photos and smooth out the grainy parts of the image. Apple is aware of the complaints and is looking into the situation.


Snapchat is changing the way our generation shops. Recently Snapchat has offered shoppable ads that allow the user to swipe up on an ad and have access to all the product catalogs available on the store’s website. Users can make purchases straight from the Snapchat ad without ever having to leave the app. Stores like Guess and have had great success using these ads, and have seen an increase in user engagement.Shoppable ads are the next greatest thing in digital marketing, and Snapchat wants to make sure they are being used correctly. During the month of October, they will be offering online training programs to teach advertisers how to create and use shoppable ads. They are also introducing pixel targeting in these sessions, which will let advertisers see exactly what the consumers are looking at on their ads. For more information about Shoppable snap ads, check out our post from earlier this week.


Google My Business has changed their post requirements. They have previously based count on 100-300 words, but now there is a max of 1,500 characters, with no minimum. This character count is equivalent to about 250 words. Users will now have to get used to writing smaller posts for their businesses. This change may be an improvement for businesses. 300-word posts may begin to lose the interest of potential consumers. Google My Business is meant to be a quick read, not an article. This improvement is bettering the function of the posts and differentiating from the website.


MailChimp is an online marketing platform that makes innovative products to help connect small businesses to their customers. This week they re-launched their website with a new look. They’ve updated their logo, colors, and imagery. They’ve kept their website content the same for the most part, with some minor improvements. Their goal was to make using Mailchimp easier and more helpful for their customers. They’ve moved some things around, but everything else remains the same. Besides the imagery, the most notable change is they retired their blog. Existing posts are still available under the company culture tab, but all product announcements, tips and stories can be found under Resources.So there ya have it, a quick look into all things digital! Stay tuned for more industry news from Red Shark Digital.

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