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Shoppable Snap Ads Are Here

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Shoppable Snap Ads Are Here

Red Shark Digital

It's that time of year again, Q4 is here which means that the holiday shopping season is upon us. Many consumers will do their best to ditch the crowds and shopping malls, opting to purchase the majority of their gifts online. In fact, millennials are more likely to purchase online than in person. Do you know what millennials will do instead of shopping in a crowded shopping mall this year? Snapping away the fun they are having while connecting with their families and friends on social media. This is why advertising on social media is a great way to reach the younger consumers this holiday season. Especially since some of our favorite platforms are making new features available to all advertisers this quarter. Today, I'm going to let you in on how Snapchat is helping your business dominate this holiday season through the use of Shoppable Snap Ads!

What Are Shoppable Snap Ads?

Announced quite some time ago, shoppable Snap ads, are ads in Snapchat's platform that will actually show a carousel of the product being advertised in differentvarieties that users can actually purchase, right from their Snapchat app! These new ad formats have proven themselves during testing and Snapchat has even added 30 more Snap partners to ensure that you can have the best inventory and run the most successful digital campaigns this quarter! Shoppable Snap Ads are now available to all advertisers through Snapachat's self-service ad buying platform!

Why Should You Care?

As a business owner, you are hoping to reach as many consumers as possible and making huge profits this quarter. While doing so, you'll also want to stand out from your competition so that users will buy their gifts from you. Shoppable Snap Ads gives you the edge you need to get your products in front of one of the biggest demographics that will spend thousands this holiday shopping season. If you are not using the tools available to ensure success that you are missing out!If you need help marketing your business this quarter, contact Red Shark Digital for all of your digital marketing needs. We can help you get started on Snapchat's self-serve platform or even take the reigns to free up your time.

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