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How to Keep Up With Social Media Trends

January 18, 2023
July 6, 2023

How to Keep Up With Social Media Trends

Social media is a constantly evolving medium, with so many moving parts that it’s understandable to find yourself overwhelmed by the chaos. With younger audiences creating new trends overnight, knowing how to keep up with social media trends can seem impossible. Social media marketing Raleigh NC experts at Red Shark Digital solve this by utilizing a number of tools, resources, innovative strategies, and clever practices. We understand your pain. Check out these viral trend tips our marketing team uses to keep up with social media trends!

Monitoring Social Media Analytics

Social media likes, comments, shares, and impressions are essential to the growth of any brand. Whether it’s Instagram or TikTok, keeping track of the metrics on every one of your posts helps your business figure out what’s working and what needs more work. Social media marketing Raleigh NC professionals suggest you check your analytics twice a week, depending on how often you share content.

Benefits of Monitoring Social Media Analytics

Properly accessing this data can help you answer imperative questions such as:

  • What type of content engages my audience?
  • Should we post more or less content on this platform?
  • Is boosting posts on this platform worth it?

Observe TikTok’s Trending Page

With TikTok being the fastest-growing social media platform in the U.S. and the go-to app for most teens and young adults, consistently reviewing trending hashtags, sounds and effects can have a tremendous impact on your insight. Hopping onto rising trends that have traction to gain is an effective way to increase your business’s relevancy. TikTok trends often bleed into other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, boosting both reach and awareness for your brand.

Listen to Other Marketers

Why not learn from the people who have a career in it? Weekly marketing blogs and podcasts delving into the shifts and changes of trending topics are valuable sources for those who find it challenging to keep up with the fluidity of the industry themselves. There are a plethora of resources out there to help for free, so blocking off time to fully engulf yourself in the information will benefit you on multiple fronts.

One great source for finding interesting podcasts focused on relevant trends and topics is Hubspot’s Podcast Network.

Grow Your Social Media Presence With Red Shark Digital

Following the ever-changing social media landscape is a demanding yet essential task to growing your business and keeping it relevant in the public eye. Our social media marketing Raleigh NC experts at Red Shark Digital dedicate countless hours to marketing research to bolster brand awareness and exceed this effort! For more resources sharing tips on how to keep up with social media trends, visit our website.

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