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Level Up Your Brand Identity By Showing Up On Social Media

January 17, 2023
June 23, 2023

Level Up Your Brand Identity By Showing Up On Social Media

Red Shark Digital

When working with Red Shark Digital, the leading marketing company in Raleigh NC, we highly encourage in 2023 that any business that has yet to consider harnessing social media for brand identity and promotion to the public should. Social media has become a goldmine for many old and new companies. To help with brand exposure, existing online has become the most pivotal part of marketing for marketers. With a quality social media strategy, our experts know how to effectively level up a business's brand identity using social media. What is brand identity? Why is it so important? Let our experts at Red Shark Digital share why.

Social Media for Brand Identity | Red Shark Digital

What is brand identity?

Visualize brand identity as the personality of a business. Imagine a person without a personality - boring, right? The same applies to a business. Consumers may be less inclined to interact or engage if a company lacks personality. A brand identity lets the world know who you are as a business and what sets you apart from your competitors. It's the look and feel of the brand, as well as how effectively it comes across. The look and feel of a brand may be through its logo, along with other elements of brand identity like fonts and colors. Tone and voice are two additional branding elements influencing how well your business comes across.

The Importance of a Strong Brand Identity

Having a solid brand identity is essential because, with one, you may get the same opportunities as a business. There are many reasons why a strong brand identity is necessary for your business. Here are a few examples of how your company can benefit from branding Raleigh NC services.

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Builds trust and loyalty with consumers
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Supports the success of marketing campaigns
  • Creates high-quality leads for improving sales revenue

As it clearly shows, some incredible benefits come with leveling up your brand identity and using it to leverage more sales and success.

10 Ways to Utilize Social Media for Leveling Up Your Branding

73 percent of marketerscredit social media marketing for increased web traffic, and almost 90 percent say it helps with business exposure; it's hard to ignore social media's perks. When utilizing social media, the more you do, the better it is for your social media appearance and brand awareness. With that in mind, here are five ways you can use social media to leverage your branding Raleigh NC efforts.

1. Understand how to do social media advertising effectively.

Not all businesses are successful with advertising campaigns, so understanding what went wrong and learning what to do better is essential for positive results. A failure in social media advertising is most likely due to needing to know who your audience is. For example, throwing money at an advertising campaign on Facebook or Instagram is a waste of money when you don't know your audience. Use your business's data to tailor content for your target audience. Create buyer personas that accurately reflect who your company is for, and continue tweaking social media advertising campaigns until something sticks.

2. Find your brand story.

Customer experience has become the new battlefield for many marketers seeking to promote their businesses. When it comes to storytelling, it increases conversions by 30 percent, according to Search Engine Watch. Social media is the perfect place for storytelling because of its visual-centric nature. Social media marketing professionals use static imagery and video content to help draw in customers. Focusing on more story-led content is highly useful when engaging with consumers and converting leads.

3. Stay brand consistent on all social media platforms.

Businesses must be aware of branding and its influence on consumers to stay in the spotlight. It takes several encounters with a brand until the consumer recognizes it, so it's essential to remain consistent online.

Image Source: Abercrombie (Instagram)

Your branding should be the same, whether that's on TikTok, YouTube, or Twitter. You want everything you have to be the same consistent approach, from your brand imagery to the color palettes and tone of voice. Brand guidelines are helpful to ensure your business stays in the minds of those you're looking to convert.

4. Take a look at your current marketing strategies.

Analyze your current marketing strategy to determine effective campaign elements and what tactics require revision:

  • Are you doing enough to showcase the company's brand within the content?
  • Does the content itself reflect what the brand's intentions are?

With the right marketing company Raleigh NC to create a positive marketing strategy, the content you create will have the desired impact you want. Be attentive to what marketing strategies are proving good for ROIs and what haphazard approaches in marketing are losing money.

5. Establish a clear brand voice and tone.

Establishing a voice for your business is essential to develop within the early operation stages. If it still needs to, you'll want to finalize what this sounds like before promoting your business on social media. There are lots of great options when it comes to brand voice and tone. It's vital to find a tone that reflects your business's niche.

  • What type of business is it?
  • Will it suit a more formal tone, or do you want your brand to feel like its customers are talking to a best friend?

How your brand comes across is crucial to influence customers to engage with it. If they love conversational branding, they will go for something other than one that's very formal and cold in brand voice. Make sure your brand's voice and tone align with your target audience.

6. Make regular content updates.

Similarly to consistency within branding, you want to continue this consistency for regular content updates. Your brand identity relies on exposure, and that exposure won’t come from one or two weekly posts on your company’s Instagram profile.

Every social media platform is different, but many show that one post daily is optimal for branded content. That level of content is quite demanding for any business, but it’s the nature of the beast when it comes to social media nowadays.

7. Focus on quality content over quantity.

When it comes to content, focus your concentration on quality over quantity. At the end of the day, anything you’re posting online is a part of the brand identity. If that content isn’t up to par with your competitors, chances are it’s going to receive a lot less engagement.

While it’s been shown above that posting daily is integral, the quality of content is essential to help engage the audience. Not only that, but it does wonders for business branding and sets the bar of what your customers should expect in terms of the content produced.

8. Look at what’s trending on social media for content.

Just like the internet in general, a lot has changed when it comes to social media. The social media platforms themselves have had brand transformations and have reinvented their channels to compete with their competitors.

Brand Identity Using Social Media | Red Shark Digital

As a business, it’s good to look at current trends on social media for content so you stay relevant online. Brand identity relies on that exposure, and - often enough, businesses rely on these viral trends and moments in social media to thrive and take off.

For marketers, being aware of what’s popular with their customers through their behavior with online content helps curate content they’ll love.

9. Make posting easy with scheduling apps.

Social media is challenging to exist on, let alone schedule content for. Many businesses hire entire content teams to create, schedule, and promote the content created for the brand; however, for smaller businesses, branding Raleigh NC solutions like these simply aren't possible due to a lack of resources.

Social Media Management | Red Shark Digital

Thankfully many businesses now have the opportunity to churn out social media content regularly with the use of scheduling apps. Hootsuite, for example, are ideal for scheduling weeks' worth of content across many social media platforms.

Apps like Hootsuite allow anyone responsible for managing content creation and promotion to concentrate on other workloads. Gone are the days of manual publishing.

10. Assess and monitor social media performance.

Finally, assess and monitor the content you put out. As part of your brand identity, the content you publish should provide something for the audience. Whether your feed is educational or purely entertainment, the performance of your social media content matters.

Utilize the endless analytical platforms available for assessing your social media campaigns. Social media marketing Raleigh NC experts suggest:

  • Sprout Social
  • Hubspot
  • BuzzSumo
  • Google Analytics

Red Shark Digital Delivers Strategic Social Media & Branding Campaigns

Social media is essential for businesses looking to level up their brand identity. A strong brand identity helps with increasing brand awareness, building trust and loyalty with consumers, standing out from competitors, supporting the success of marketing campaigns, and creating high-quality leads for improving sales revenue. At Red Shark Digital, our marketing company Raleigh NC provides strategic social media and branding campaigns to help businesses achieve their goals. Contact the branding Raleigh NC experts today to learn how we can help you improve your brand identity using social media.

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