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What Does Impressions Mean on Instagram?

August 4, 2022
May 1, 2023

What Does Impressions Mean on Instagram?

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As you or your company breaks onto the social media scene, you will likely be introduced to the term ‘impressions’, especially within Instagram. Understanding impressions can help you develop your digital marketing Greenville NC campaigns more fully by allowing you to maximize all types of media for your clients. So what do impressions mean on Instagram, exactly?

Impressions for Instagram

When discussing impressions, Instagram is talking about the number of times your post has been viewed, not how many unique accounts viewed your post. This means that impressions can include returning users who view your content multiple times. This is why impressions are not always the best performance indicator for digital marketing Greenville NC. So, what is the purpose of impressions, and what is their significance to digital marketing efforts? Our guide to understanding impressions on Instagram may help answer some of your questions.

Guide to Impressions on Instagram

  • Use Instagram impressions to understand your current audience and increase brand awareness efforts toward your target audience. If your audience doesn’t align with the same interests and content preferences as your target audience, no worries. Use impressions to bolster your brand awareness within your present audience and aim toward catching the eye of your target user groups!
  • Treat Instagram impressions as an indicator of how your audience responds to your social media content. If impression rates are low, try switching up your social media management strategy to align with the interests of your target niche or adjust target audience goals.
  • Maximize Instagram impressions insight and pair digital marketing professionals with social media advertising! When setting out for a brand awareness campaign, digital marketing Greenville NC specialists recommend investing in paid advertising budgets to maximize conversions and ROI.

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