What Does Impressions Mean on Instagram?

As you or your company breaks onto the social media scene, you will likely be introduced to the term ‘impressions’, especially as it relates to Instagram. Understanding impressions can help you develop your digital marketing Greenville NC campaigns more fully by allowing you to maximize all types of media for your clients. So what does impressions mean on Instagram, exactly?

What does impressions mean on Instagram?

Answering what does impressions mean on Instagram means you have to understand how the platform views the reach of a post. When discussing impressions, Instagram is talking about the number of times your post could have been viewed, not how many unique accounts viewed your post. This means that impressions can include people coming back and viewing your content multiple times. This is why impressions are not always the best indicator of performance for digital marketing Greenville NC.

How are impressions used as an indicator of success?

After gaining a better understanding of what does impressions mean on Instagram, you have to understand the proper way to interpret them. By doing this, you create a more accurate picture of your success level on the platform. Two ways digital marketing Greenville NC agencies use impressions to get an idea of success are by using an engagement-to-impressions ratio and an impressions-to-reach ratio. Both of these metrics can be used on several different social media channels, meaning even if you don’t use Instagram, platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can use these as well.

An engagement-to-impressions ratio will tell you how well your content is inspiring interaction. Whether it be a like, comment, share, or something else altogether, if the content has a high ratio of interaction to views, digital marketing Greenville NC professionals know the content is well made and will likely end up reaching a higher number of people.

An impressions-to-reach ratio means the number of times your content has been viewed in comparison to the number of people it has reached. While having a high reach is important, having content that encourages people to return to your account is just as vital. Having more impressions than reach can be a desirable ratio to have. In this scenario, your content holds value to the people who see it. This increases the likelihood that they will share the post with other people, naturally expanding your reach.

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