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How Social Media Has Changed the Marketing World

May 23, 2022
February 27, 2024

How Social Media Has Changed the Marketing World

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According to a global overview conducted in January of 2022, more than half of the world (58.4%) now utilizes social media, with 424 million new users joining the action within the last 12 months. Looking back just twenty years ago, the marketing world was a different place with advertising typically being conducted on TV, radio, print, and billboards. This exponential growth in users can be directly correlated with the birth, and rise of social media marketing. Where consumers and businesses have found the golden opportunity for engaging, networking, and growing together with the help of content marketing services. How has social media changed marketing though? From brand visibility to expanding sales opportunities, social media has positively impacted the marketing world in numerous ways through constant change. In this article, we will be looking at social media marketing and the most significant ways it is changing the business world.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the act of creating and publishing content to social media platforms that promotes a product and or service, builds a community, and drives traffic to your business. While new platforms and techniques are being developed every day, some of the most popular platforms for brand development and social media marketing include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

Now with the ability to reach consumers, build a brand, and sell a product or service like never before, business owners have two options: tackle a new wave of marketing themselves or reach out to a professional marketing agency, such as Red Shark Digital for content marketing services near me.

How has social media changed marketing?

Through social media, the marketing world has never been more intertwined than now. Social media marketing has opened up two-way communication between brand and audience to increase transparency and brand visibility. It has also given businesses full control over who they wish to target with their advertising. Targeting users with relatable SEM ad copy directly results in an expansion of business sales.

Social Media Marketing Increases Brand Visibility

Networking has always been a large component of business marketing, however, social media has now given a voice to those who never had one. On average, a user will visit 7.5 social media platforms in the span of one month. The chances of a business being seen while marketing on one of these platforms is minuscule, however, the chance of a business being seen while marketing to all eight platforms, grows immensely. Through engagement, promotions, branding, and working with the algorithm, social media is a great way to rack up views, get your products noticed, and encourage consumers to make a purchase.

Social Media Marketing Encourages Transparency

Customer care is perhaps the most important aspect of running a successful business and social media lets businesses take care of their customers like never before. In the past, many were hesitant to call a brand and disclaim their unsatisfactory experience, or even share a positive one. Social media marketing has now altered how people and companies interact – from customer service, product development, advertising, PR, and more. Through reviews, recommendations, comments, and direct messaging, customers are managed in real-time through content marketing services. This provides instant customer satisfaction, helps deal with grievances, and provides immediate support to those seeking assistance. Consumers can peel away the corporate curtain to experience a brand’s true identity.

Social Media Marketing Expands Business Sales

With visibility and transparency working in tandem comes an expansion in sales. Rather than advertisements being the only way for your business to be noticed, companies can now share content for free and choose to supplement your efforts with ads and campaigns. Ads are targeted at specific demographics and can drive the right users to your account. For example, you could directly target demographics based on activity on the platform, interests, and location.

Since COVID-19 social media use has greatly increased and many businesses are now providing home delivery, multiple payment options, and contactless payments to meet consumer demands. Through options such as Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shop, consumers can now shop for their favorite products and complete purchases without ever leaving the app. The easier it is for your customers to buy your products, the more sales you will make.

Social Media’s Impact on the Marketing World

It goes without saying that social media has drastically altered the way businesses operate, driving companies to invest in social media management and content marketing services that let their brand be seen, help them engage better with customers, and drives more sales. There are no limits to who you can reach when your business uses social media in its marketing. Geographical barriers are completely removed. You can target customers on the other side of the planet in much the same way as you might target someone in your own town.

Content Marketing Services Near Me | Red Shark Digital

Social media has revolutionized the internet marketing landscape. Now that you know how social media has changed marketing, it’s time to start driving your business forward using these tools. Reach out to Red Shark Digital for local content marketing services that can expand your company’s social footprint and help your business succeed in today’s digital landscape.

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