Instagram Reels Tips from a Digital Marketing Agency

So, you're kickstarting your online presence and you've decided it's time to step up the game? Spreading your online presence across multiple platforms including social media is a great way to connect with your audience and gain access to untapped markets that are attracted to your product or service. While traditional PR and marketing strategies can work for your SEO and advertisement ratings, there are newer, non-traditional ways to break into a new market! The latest trend: Instagram Reels. Red Shark Digital marketing agency Raleigh is here to break down what they are, how they work, and a few strategies that you can use to boost your presence on Instagram in a relatable way.

What are "IG" Reels?

Instagram or "IG" Reels are videos on Instagram with a short, 30-60 second format that allows your audience to join you on a more personal, behind-the-scenes experience. This feature is a great content enhancer, as it allows you to go beyond a still photo and caption and really take hold of the features that Instagram has to offer you!

Step by Step on How to Use Instagram Reels

As the leading digital marketing agency Raleigh, we know a thing or two about IG Reels. We utilize them on our Instagram account to share what we've been doing around the office! Ready to learn about how you can boost your social media presence? Follow along!

  1. In the top right corner of the home feed, click the icon on the far left with a bordered "+" symbol.
  2. Select the reel option.
  3. You should see the play button at the bottom center, with five icons on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. The first button allows you to add music or a viral sound to your video. Our digital marketing agency Raleigh recommends you check out the latest trends and choose catchy songs!
  5. The next button allows you to change the length of the video from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. You can stop the video whenever you want, but the longest it can play is for one minute!
  6. Speed is the next button. If you're in need of a time-lapse feature, this button is your new best friend.
  7. Here's where the fun starts - the next button is the effects button! Here, you can choose filters, frames, and edits that personalize your Reel.
  8. The final button is the timer - use this if you need a countdown before the video starts!
  9. So, with your desired effects and settings selected, press the record button at the bottom of the screen!
  10. Preview your video on the next slide, where you can create the caption and post directly to Instagram and Facebook.

So, You've Got the Basics - How Do I Strategize IG Reels?

Now that you understand the basic features of Instagram Reels, it's time to share how you can utilize this feature in your campaigns and future rollouts to boost your audience and market!

Digital marketing agency Raleigh experts recommend you keep up with the trends at current. Whatever sounds or music is going viral, find a way to create a clever video that piques the interest of your follower base! "Sounds" are huge trends right now. Finding a way to create a skit or a funny idea that can appeal to the social media-aware audience.

One way to keep up with the trends is by following them! Utilize hashtags to keep up with trends, follow creators that keep up with trends, and visit the explore page to see the hottest content.

Another way that you can keep up with the public is by hashtag research. Researching hashtags that are being used in the latest viral IG Reels is one great way to reach new markets, and broaden your platform by bringing in new viewers.

Are you looking for new ways to strategize your social media? Red Shark Digital, digital marketing agency Raleigh, is ready to take on your social media presence. By utilizing the latest digital marketing techniques and strategies, we can provide you with insight on how to boost your online presence. To learn more about your favorite digital marketing near me, visit our website or contact us today.