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Ten Digital Marketing Tips for the New Year

November 12, 2021
December 18, 2023

Ten Digital Marketing Tips for the New Year

Our first-of-the-month digital marketing tips at Red Shark Digital prepare our clients for success throughout the year. We strive to create meaningful campaigns while utilizing our tactics to increase customer engagement. Although there can be frustrations with digital marketing Greenville NC, there are also strategies to drive prosperous campaigns and successfully reach your customer base. Here are ten tips from Red Shark Digital to help amplify your business’ advertising during 2024.

2024 Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

Starting a Digital Marketing Campaign Early

Working with a digital advertising agency Greenville, NC team is essential to prepare for 2024 campaigns. More and more people are preparing their 2024 campaign before the holiday season, so it is crucial to establish a game plan for marketing throughout the rest of the year.

Focusing on Your Target Audience

Focus on the specific company or organization, and document any known audiences for the product or service you are trying to market. What group of people purchase your product? Is there a specific age? Are there any specifics about demographics? Focus on locations, ages, and interests to determine relevant audiences. (Don’t forget people who would buy your product as a gift for others!)

Crafting a Winning Content Strategy

A strong content strategy is one of our top digital marketing tips for businesses entering the new year. Aim to produce high-quality, informative, and engaging content tailored to your target audience's needs. 2024, as companies continue to recognize the significance of original content creation, diversify your approach across various channels such as blogs, videos, ebooks, podcasts, and user-generated content. With our digital marketing agency Greenville NC approach, we will enhance brand awareness and boost SEO. Prioritizing the creation of quality content will help establish your business authority.

Customer Feedback Changes in 2024

According to an article published by LinkedIn, the landscape of consumer feedback is changing, and businesses should be aware of this moving forward into the new year. Over the past three years, the shift in consumer behavior reveals a decline in direct feedback, meaning receiving valuable customer experiences is becoming more intricate. To effectively grasp customer feedback, our agency recommends adopting these digital marketing tips for businesses such as:

  • Online Chat Interactions
  • Call Center Transcripts
  • Product Reviews
  • Social Media Posts

LinkedIn stated that 66 percent of customers choose not to disclose negative experiences, revealing the importance of utilizing alternative channels to understand customer feedback better.

Building a Social Media Presence

According to a Taradel survey, Facebook remains a top choice, with over 86 percent of small business owners utilizing it for social media marketing Greenville NC. Keeping a consistent brand voice, regularly updating social accounts, and eye-catching visuals are beneficial when building a social media presence. Integrate relevant links into social media bios and develop a strategy to drive traffic to your website to help establish brand identity and awareness. Use the power of both popular and custom hashtags for broader reach and effective campaign tracking.

Videography for Marketing Campaigns

Creating a video for your campaign is essential to further your presence on social media and contribute to the company’s overall digital marketing Greenville NC campaign. Producing a video can tell your organization's story, highlight products, or promote a special offer to influence consumer action and raise brand awareness. An appealing video can also offer opportunities for non-product-related businesses to showcase their company and participate in digital marketing.

Target Returning Customers in 2024

Throughout the year, noting customer loyalty is incredibly important to drive potential sales. Return purchasers convert much faster than shoppers, so deciphering the audience through our programmatic tactics is critical. Current customers spend 67 percent more on average than those new to your business, according to a Business article! Through targeted display and optimal ad placement at our digital advertising agency Greenville NC, we can consider user behavior by placing the ad in front of an impressionable audience.

Researching What Competitors Are Doing

When our digital marketing agency, Greenville, NC, researches competitor digital marketing strategies, gaining insights into competitor strengths and view areas where our clients can improve. When we understand where the competitor excels and where they lack, it allows us a better opportunity to set your brand apart. Viewing specifics like social media platforms and website content will enable us to see how they reach their target audience.

Utilizing Geo-Fencing in Digital Marketing

Want to target competitor customers? Another one of our digital marketing tips is utilizing geo-fencing throughout a campaign. It is a valuable resource to redirect consumers to your business or organization instead of the competition. Geo-fencing places geographic boundaries to track traffic and send specific messaging to a location. By utilizing this valuable tool, geo-fencing can drive performance, improve mobile reach, and provide valuable data to target customers.

Advertising Throughout the Year

Although focusing on digital marketing in the weeks leading up to the holidays is crucial, it is also essential to concentrate on advertising after December. Many people receive gift cards, get holiday bonuses, or look for accessories for their new electronics. Savvy customers also look for great deals, so premiering new specials or offers can contribute to your overall marketing campaign.

Leave Digital Marketing to the Pros at Red Shark Digital

As the decade begins, these digital marketing tips are essential for successful marketing execution in an ever-changing market. While brands become more competitive and the digital space is overwhelmed with advertising, utilizing an agency such as Red Shark Digital is vital to win your audience's attention and connect with customers. Accentuate your marketing strategy with these top digital marketing tips for businesses from Red Shark Digital. Contact Red Shark Digital today, and let us help you bring your company to new heights in 2024.

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