Ten Digital Marketing Tips for the New Year

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Ten Digital Marketing Tips for the New Year

Alaina Corsini

At Red Shark Digital, our first of the month agenda consists of preparing our clients for success throughout the year.  We strive to create meaningful campaigns while utilizing our tactics to increase customer engagement. Although there can be frustrations with digital marketing in Raleigh, there are also strategies to drive prosperous campaigns and successfully reach your customer base. Here are 10 steps from Red Shark to amplify your business’ advertising during 2023.

Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

Start the Digital Marketing Campaign Early

If it has not started already, it is essential to begin advertising for 2023. More and more people are preparing their 2023 campaign before the holiday season, so it is important to establish a game plan for marketing throughout the rest of the year.

Focus Your Target Audience

Focus on the specific company or organization, and document any known audiences for the product or service you are trying to market. What group of people purchase your product? Is there a specific age? Or any specific demographics? Start by focusing on locations, ages, and interests to determine relevant audiences. (Don’t forget people who would buy your product as a gift for others!)

Personalize All Digital Marketing Message Content

A key tip for digital marketing is focusing on the message communicated to the consumer. Your campaign should exemplify missions and values of the organization while publicizing any offers or promotions. Focus on the consumer, keep it simple, and try evoking emotions from your audience.

Prioritize Responsive Digital Marketing

This year will be the first that Americans spent more time holiday shopping from their mobile devices than on desktops. According to Squaretalk, mobile-responsive customer service portals are preferred by nearly 80 percent of millennials. It is necessary to include digital marketing in your campaigns that are compatible with mobile devices, to ensure your customer has the capability to engage with your ad to improve conversions.

Digital Marketing is Social Media Marketing

As the digital age continues, so does the increase in customers engaging in ads on social media. Throughout 2023, it is imperative to advertise on these platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Visits to retailers from social media tripled in the past three years, and this number will only continue to grow in the upcoming decade (Adobe).

Videography for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Creating a video for your campaign is important to further your presence on social media and contribute to the company’s overall marketing campaign. Producing a video can tell the story of your organization, highlight products, or promote a special offer to influence consumer action and raise brand awareness. An appealing video can also offer opportunities for non-product related businesses to showcase their company and take part in the world of digital marketing.

Target Returning Customers

Throughout the year, noting customer loyalty is incredibly important to drive potential sales. Return purchasers convert at a much higher rate than shoppers, so deciphering the audience through our programmatic tactics is critical. According to Adobe, repeat customers account for 40 percent of revenue on average, and this stat only increases during promotional seasons. Through targeted display and optimal ad placement at Red Shark Digital, we are able to take user behavior into account by placing the ad in front of an impressionable audience.

Utilize Geo-Fencing

Want to target the competitor's customers? Utilizing geo-fencing throughout a campaign is a valuable resource to redirect consumers to your business or organization instead of the competition. Geo-fencing places geographic boundaries to track traffic and send specific messaging to a location. By utilizing this valuable tool, geo-fencing can drive performance, improve mobile reach, and provide valuable data to target customers.

Bid Competitively for Digital Advertising

Due to traffic after the holidays, bidding aggressively is important to drive conversions. CPM’s increase 23 percent, emphasizing the power of ad placement throughout these months (Adobe). Be sure to allocate proper spending to digital advertising and utilize a competitive budget.

Advertising Through the Year

Although the digital marketing world was just focused on the weeks running up to the holidays, it is also crucial to concentrate on advertising after December. Many people receive gift cards, get holiday bonuses, or may be looking for accessories for their new electronics. Savvy customers are also on the lookout for great deals, so premiering new specials or offers can contribute to your overall marketing campaign.

Leave Digital Marketing to the Pros at Red Shark Digital

As the decade begins, these tips are essential for successful marketing execution in an ever-changing market. While brands become more competitive and the digital space is overwhelmed with advertising, it is essential to utilize an agency, such as Red Shark Digital, to win the attention of your audience and connect with customers. Accentuate your digital advertising and contact Red Shark Digital today, your go-to marketing agency in Raleigh, NC.

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