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5 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

5 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Are you having a hard time converting users that land on your website? In this article, we highlight 5 simple signs that will help you to determine if it’s time to spruce up your website design. Having a fresh redesign for your website can change the entire outlook of your business' success. Sometimes all it takes is a redesigned website for your digital footprint to take a drastic turn for the better.


Has your website been redesigned since it was first launched? I mean let's be honest, chances are you don't even know how many years it has actually been since your launch. If we’re talking multiple years, then it's probably time for a much needed update. Nowadays there are so many trending websites that are thriving because of their redesigned websites. An updated and modern design isn’t just for show, it’s one of the key factors in your customer’s purchasing decision. People are more interested in how your products are displayed on your website more than anything. Having an aesthetically pleasing design will attract your customer's eye and grow their interest in your products.

Not User-Friendly

Online customers are less likely to return to a website after one bad experience. With practically all of your competition being on the internet, your key clientele has access to a variety of user-friendly websites that really stand out and grab their attention. Now more than ever, your target audience is accustomed to fast loading speeds, as well as sleek designs that help communicate the purpose of the business. Your website showcases all that your business has to offer, a competitive design can help you stay up to date while easily presenting this content to the user. Making it difficult for customers to access your website and discover content can decrease your user experience and will have your customers clicking out in no time.

Not Reflecting your Brand

Have your brand values changed over the last few years since your business started up? Or has your website never reflected your brand the way you’ve always wanted it to, but you’ve just put up with it? It’s highly important for your established business to have a presence online that aligns with the brand and, if applicable, aligns with their real-world presence. Your website has the potential to elevate your brand to a whole new level but only if you promote your brand and make it easier for potential new customers to connect with.

Not Listed on Google

Every online business can become successful simply by clients being able to easily find them online. As a customer, it can be very annoying trying to find a business that you already know about, but not having any luck when searching the web. When it comes to online businesses there is already so much competition because the internet is expanding so quickly. If your current clientele is unable to find your business online, then how are new prospects going to find you? People are most likely to Google your business first before they do anything else. Modern websites allow you to integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into the website, making it easier for new users to find your business and for you to appear higher in Google search results.

Not Responsive

Web users are now using mobile devices and tablets more than actual desktops and laptops. Browsing with a mobile device can be stressful at times when certain websites don’t open or when a user starts clicking on the wrong links to business websites. They also show up a lot smaller on mobile devices and tablets, so zooming in everytime on the businesses content can become tedious, not to mention very time consuming for every web user. Having a business website that is mobile or tablet friendly is the way to go and important when it comes to your potential client traffic. Websites optimized for mobile drastically improve user experience, as well as helping them connect to your products at any place or time.Are you having any of the issues mentioned above? If so, contact Red Shark Digital for your web design needs. If you're looking for website design in Raleigh, contact Red Shark Digital today!

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