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Why Are Client Relations Important?

November 11, 2021
May 1, 2023

Why Are Client Relations Important?

Abby Costello

Client relations are one of the building blocks for any successful full service advertising agency. Ensuring that clients have both a positive and beneficial experience is vital in continuing to work on future projects. While lots of digital advertising agency Raleigh NC businesses focus on gaining new customers, managing existing customers often is overlooked. Clients that are happy and enjoy working with your organization can give referrals that will draw in new business on their own. Let's look at some strategies any full service advertising agency can use to ensure good relationships with clients.

5 Steps To Maintaining Good Relationships


  • Listen to the customer and take notes
  • Ask questions that you have or that the client might have forgotten to ask
  • Do research before meetings
  • Give status and project updates
  • Keep clients informed of any changes to the project timeline
  • Give updates as soon as possible without delay to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Be available to the client for any other matters they want to discuss
  • Allow client access to project updates via platforms like Monday or Notion

Spread Positivity

  • When talking with the client, don't dwell on any negatives whether it be regarding a timeline shift or a change to one of the project requirements
  • If you have to discuss something negative, follow it up with several positives
  • Don't dwell on negative aspects you cannot change

Be Personable

  • Initiate small talk with the clients before meetings to make them feel comfortable and at ease
  • When speaking to them, use their name
  • Ask about anything interesting they mention outside of work, such as trips
  • Don't get into specific details
  • Show them they are a person and not a paycheck

Exceed Client Expectations

  • If you see ways to go above what the client is expecting, share the ideas with the team and determine if they are worth pursuing
  • Don't oversell yourself or the full service advertising agency
  • Establish reasonable baseline expectations therefore leaving your organization room to go above what the client is expecting
  • Can lead to further client projects and referrals

Show Value

  • Show your clients the value you bring to their business
  • Talk about what you can do for their business, not what they can do for you
  • Thank the client for sending over materials and for working with your organization on the project


Managing client relations correctly is a key aspect of any digital marketing agency Raleigh NC. Regardless of what industry you are in, ensuring your clients are happy and well informed will lead to future projects and client referrals. Focusing on new business and clients is great, however, make sure your existing clients are taken care of first. This will lead to a healthy balance that keeps all customers, both current and future, happy and feeling like they are valued.

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