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What is Retargeting

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

What is Retargeting

Matt Mitchell

A brand wants their products to be noticed by consumers. Advertisements are used to show consumers what you offer and encourage them to visit your site. Retargeting a more focused form of advertising to keep your products present in consumers minds. When someone views something on your website, they may not purchase anything. Seeing an ad for a brand over and over again may encourage them to go back to the website, as well as create brand recognition.

Forms of Retargeting

Facebook pixel retargeting is a form of retargeting that anyone who uses social media is familiar with. With a combination of Facebook demographic data and consumer website data, Facebook feed’s will feature ads that are perfectly fitted for each consumer. This smart form of retargeting references a user’s age, location and website traffic to provide ads to the exact potential customers you are looking for.

Google AdWords offers a form of retargeting that can be costly for many businesses. Paying cost per click can add up quickly, so Google has introduced a new way to retarget consumers. Google Display utilizes the consumer’s past browser history to show them ads for the items they’ve already looked at, giving them a nudge back to your website. This type of retargeting can be set up in your Google Analytics, and all of your ads are measured to see how many impressions and engagements they are creating.

Email retargeting is a way to showcase your products to consumers who may not have heard of your brand, or some who haven’t visited your site in a while. An email with a retargeting pixel is sent out to a list of people, and when that email is opened the pixel is fired, and now that user will start seeing your ads every time they browse the web.

Programmatic advertising is an efficient way to get your ads out on the web to the right people at the right time. Programmatic takes humans out of the equation and allows the buying of ads to be completely digital. Advertisers can use Demand Side Platform (DSP) to buy and display their inventory, and also see how their ads are performing based on cost per click (CPC).

Benefits of Retargeting

When a consumer browses your website they may have added things to their cart and forgot about them got distracted or wasn’t ready to buy. Retargeting is used to remind consumers and get them back to your website in hopes to finish a purchase. Retargeting is not only a way to increase the chance of a sale, but also to build more brand awareness. Retargeting is a way to constantly showcase your products to an audience who can benefit. When an ad is constant, consumers will begin to recognize and recall your company and the products your business offers. Retargeting can also help to create brand loyalty. When a consumer sees your ad through multiple channels, they will slowly become more familiar. Through emails, social media posts, and advertisements, consumers will get to know your company and your products. Building a following of loyal customers will increase as word of mouth advertising as well as digital marketing. A combination of these two will begin to bring in more website traffic.

Aggressive Messaging

The amount of times your advertisement is shown on the web directly affects return on investment (ROI). You want to get your brand and your product out there, so it is important to use retargeting to remind users of what you offer. Using follow up ads can remind a user of what your brand is, and retargeted ads can promote special offers to increase traffic to your site. When deciding retargeting tactics, you want to be persistent, but not too aggressive. Displaying three to five advertisements in a span of a few weeks promotes engagement and conversation opportunity. As the numbers get higher, displaying eight or more ads in the span of a few weeks can begin to get distracting and annoying. This can potentially hurt your brand and decrease ROI.

Retargeting can bring your brand customer loyalty, more conversations and more business. Social media and the internet are changing the way brands connect with their consumers. Website browsing is impacted by advertisements more and more every day, and consumers may have not even noticed.

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