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What are Targeting Tactics?

November 11, 2021
May 1, 2023

What are Targeting Tactics?

Red Shark Digital

We at Red Shark Digital, top Raleigh marketing companies, use targeting tactics to focus on specific audiences that are relevant to our digital advertising agency objectives. These tactics narrow down our audience from a broad spectrum of people to our desired target market. Below you will find tactics Raleigh marketing companies use to achieve this as well as what each tactic does.

Targeting Tactics

  1. Knowing your target audience
  2. Designing campaigns to support marketing funnel
  3. Improving campaign performance

Knowing Your Target Audience

This may sound simple, but it is crucial to the success of any digital advertising agency marketing campaign. Start by asking questions like those listed below.

  • What factors influence your audience?
  • What attributes make this a good audience/prospect?
  • Where do I get the audience's information?

These can help Raleigh marketing companies narrow down potential prospects and give a better understanding of the type of customers you may want to look at. Both Google Ads as well as Google Analytics can be valuable tools when finding answers to these types of questions.

Design Campaigns to Support Marketing Funnel

Tailoring marketing campaigns to the desired target audience helps push potential prospects towards a final conversion. Your digital advertising agency should cater to the desired audiences through different marketing strategies and ad campaigns. Just like knowing your target audience, data at this stage can be invaluable to ensure you are focusing on the right potential prospects. Focusing on channels that are looking to convert popular traffic or targeted at prospects looking for answers can be a good way to start.

Improving Campaign Performance

If up to this point Raleigh marketing companies are still having issues, then it may be time to ask some additional questions. Do you have sufficient data that is both detailed and relevant to your target audience? Is the entire marketing funnel optimized in the best format possible? Have you tested other audiences and gained relative data on those audiences? Questions like these can help fill in the blanks and optimize digital advertising agency success.

In Summary | Raleigh Marketing Companies

We use targeting tactics at Red Shark Digital digital advertising agency to ensure we are locking in to our target audiences in the most optimized way possible. Asking the right questions and backing up those questions with meaningful and relevant data is essential to optimizing any marketing funnel.

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