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Traditional & Digital Marketing Integration

November 12, 2021
September 27, 2023

Traditional & Digital Marketing Integration

Red Shark Digital

Traditional vs. Digital

Traditional & Digital marketing can be combined to create a successful marketing campaign. Integrating both into your budget can be positive, depending on what industry you work in. Some industries require digital forms of marketing, while others require traditional methods.

With traditional marketing, budget is a concern because traditional methods only semi-targets an audience. Conducting surveys is a form of gathering information about your target market. The only issue with this method is that it can be unreliable. Customers can respond in ways that don’t reflect their actual buying or behavioral habits. On top of this, gathering all the supplies needed and physically going out and finding your audience takes a lot of time and energy.

Digital marketing helps solve this issue and saves time. Analytics gathered from a customer’s journey online can provide a behind-the-scenes look at what a customer is thinking as they navigate your site. Instead of relying on a single form of media to reach your customers, you are able to display your advertisement on various platforms. The ability to track how many people interact with your ad on different platforms can help you tweak your strategy.

Traditional Marketing

As companies evolve to match the growing digital landscape of marketing. It is important to incorporate the traditional form of marketing as well. Traditional marketing is still prominent in our culture, however it requires lots of repetition and consistency, which in turn costs a lot of money. Traditional forms of marketing might include a flashy ad in a magazine or a silly TV commercial. These kinds of ads, along with direct mail postcards, telemarketing, and outdoor advertising still grab our attention.

Incorporating Traditional & Digital Marketing

In some industries, depending on the buyer persona, traditional marketing is still a must. Markets which are focused on older buyer personas require a focus on traditional marketing. Print material is an effective form of advertising depending on your target market.

Billboards are still a good way to advertise to people who commute often and vacationers. Lucrative Super Bowl commercials are going to continue to air, along with the debate of which is the best. Your allocated budget for traditional marketing depends on the industry in which you are working as well as the buyer behavior.

A print ad can costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The exposure you will receive from that print ad will be decent, however, let us compare that to a Google display ad. With a Google display ad, you are able to reach your target customers at zero cost. Only when a customer clicks on your ad, will you get charged.

How Can Red Shark Digital Help?

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or to bring your business into the digital age, Red Shark Digital is here to provide you with the correct strategies for creating a successful Traditional & Digital Marketing campaign. Our team of experts is here to create a positive experience for you and your business. Contact us today! Or visit our website for our other marketing services.

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