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Tracking Your Inbound Marketing Results

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Tracking Your Inbound Marketing Results

Abby Costello

When you are setting up your inbound marketing strategies, you will want to track everything that you are doing. This can help you determine what changes are the most effective and how well your ad is being perceived.

To track inbound marketing, there are actually quite a few tools available. For starters, you can track your web traffic. You should also take a look at what your visitors do while on your website. This should include what page your visitors start on and which pages they travel to as well as how long they are on your website altogether. These items can all be tracked using Google Analytics or one of the other tracking tools available.

Next, you will want to take a look at the leads you develop. You should determine where each lead develops from. Whether that is from a certain blog post, social media share or email you have sent you, it is important to know the source.

Understanding this will help you determine which forms of inbound marketing are the most valuable to you and your company.

Watching these areas will help you determine how successful your inbound marketing strategy is so you can prepare for the future. Armed with this information, you will then be able to design future campaigns around what has worked well with your visitors in the past. Following this strategy, you will be able to develop a campaign that is even more successful in the future.

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