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The Sounds of Digital Marketing

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

The Sounds of Digital Marketing

Sal Amato

As with most things, digital marketing is constantly evolving. Digital marketing isn’t something you just see on your mobile device, laptop screen, or television. It’s something you hear. Digital marketing has taken a play out of the traditional marketing playbook and has transitioned its capabilities to audio. From advertising through podcasts to using music to generate buyer demand, firms focused on digital marketing Raleigh NC can help your business harness the power of sound for your benefit.

Podcasts for Digital Marketing Raleigh NC

Chances are you’ve probably listened to a podcast. Podcasts are continually growing in popularity due to their range of topics, celebrity appearances, and continuing ease of consumption. For example, to watch or even listen to a podcast you can grab your smartphone, pull up YouTube, and find one in a matter of seconds. This low barrier entry makes advertising in a podcast the perfect way to get your company out there. Our digital marketing Raleigh NC firm can help connect you to an audience using an existing podcast or even help you design and create your own.Starting your own podcast can be extremely beneficial to explaining not only your business better but your industry as a whole. A personalized podcast can help you reach a specific audience looking for your services and help establish yourself in their mind as a professional and reliable source in the field. It also allows you to be certain that when people are searching for digital marketing near me that the only name they remember from your podcast is your own.Advertising in an already established podcast can help you reach a larger audience quicker than creating your own podcast and building that audience yourself. It also allows you to advertise in a podcast for a field that may only have second-hand connections to your target audience rather than it being directly in your field. For example, if you own an auto detail shop you can advertise in a car racing podcast. A digital marketing Raleigh NC firm can help you connect your business with the correct podcast to get in front of your target audience.

Music in Digital Advertising Raleigh NC

We’ve all seen product placement in movies and TV shows and thought about making a purchase right after, but have you ever heard a song or sound and thought the same? If you have, you’re probably been exposed to using music to create product demand. In a recent Spotify research report, 70% of people believe music can change a mood. So why not use that ability to condition a listener to feel good when hearing music that may connect them to your business.Connecting the right song for your business can help advertise your company without ever needing to say a word. We all remember hearing that sweet jingle coming down the street and knowing the ice cream man was coming. Why not harness that nostalgia by connecting with feelings of happiness to music. Finding a firm specializing in digital marketing near me can help you find exactly that.

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