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The Importance of Keyword Match Types in Paid Advertising Raleigh NC

November 11, 2021
May 1, 2023

The Importance of Keyword Match Types in Paid Advertising Raleigh NC

Alaina Corsini

Finding and then correctly using keywords that are relevant to your company, services, or product is the first step when utilizing paid advertising Raleigh NC for your business. Creating this list of words and phrases will help you jumpstart your marketing campaigns. But what if I told you there are further optimizations that can be made to take your paid search ads to the next level? These optimizations include monitoring and making necessary changes to the keywords you’ve selected and going through your search terms to filter out the negative keywords.

Utilizing The Correct Keyword Category

Once your list of relevant keywords and phrases has been composed, you will have the option to select how you want Google to match your ads to users' searches. The three options for paid advertising Raleigh NC keywords are broad match, phrase match, or exact match. Let’s dive into each of these matches using the keywords, residential painters Raleigh NC:

Broad Match

Broad match is the default used by Google, and means your ads will be shown for the keywords you mentioned as well as any other search term that Google thinks is relevant to that keyword. This will serve your ad to a larger, more broad audience, but it also means they might not be your specific target audience. These are put into Google without special symbols such as [ ], “ “, or +. So when someone searches for your broad match keywords, residential painters Raleigh NC, matching searches could include businesses with keywords like artists that paint, house painters, commercial painters, car painters, portrait painters, paint supply store, etc. in the Raleigh area.

Phrase Match

Phrase match will make your search terms more specific to your target audience. In this case, your ad will be shown when someone enters your desired keywords, as well as when someone enters a similar phrase that contains part of your keywords. These will produce a much more relevant audience while still filtering out irrelevant searches. Phrase match keywords are put into Google with quotations around the phrase. So when someone searches for your broad match keywords, “residential painters Raleigh NC,” matching searches would include any business using the keywords house painters, home painters, exterior painters, interior painters, etc. in the Raleigh area. This will help your conversion rates more than broad match keywords because it narrows down the audience and is only served to those who are searching specifically for your services.

Exact Match

Exact match is just that - an exact match of the desired keywords you submit for your paid advertising Raleigh NC campaign. Your ad will be shown in the search results only when people search using the exact keywords or phrases you mentioned specifically. Exact match keywords are put into Google with brackets around the phrase. So when someone searches for your exact match keywords, [residential painters Raleigh NC], matching searches would include any business using those exact keywords, and nobody else. Your chances of users keying in this exact search phrase will determine if you rank in their search or not, so to increase the volume of traffic, you will have to add more relevant keywords to your campaign. With exact match, your chance of the user converting is the highest because you are showing them exactly what they are searching for, but your traffic will be much lower because it is so specific.

Filtering Out Negative Keywords

Once you have put in your desired keywords using the appropriate match type, you then need to filter out negative keywords, or the keywords you do not want to show up for, from the search terms people use to find your business on Google. Going through the search terms that you show up for on Google will help weed out the negative terms and phrases that you don’t want to show up for. Let’s go back to the keywords, residential painter Raleigh NC. When filtering through your search terms, you notice you showed up when a user searched for “at home painting classes near me.” Adding this exact match, [at home painting classes near me], or the phrase “painting classes” as negative keywords will ensure that you will not show up for these search terms in the future, because why pay for it when it isn’t relevant to your business?

Paid Advertising Raleigh NC

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