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Step Up Your Digital Marketing Game

December 3, 2020
May 1, 2023

Step Up Your Digital Marketing Game

Abby Costello

Are you a local business in Greenville, NC or the surrounding areas looking to step up your digital marketing game? At Red Shark Digital, we can help you bridge the gap between you and your customers through various forms of digital marketing. One important step is making sure that your website is user-friendly, which is so much more than just text on a page.

Listen To Your Users

Use your digital marketing platforms to ask your users how they feel about the content you provide. This can be accomplished via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or directly on your website. Entice your users to speak their mind by letting them know how much you appreciate their feedback and how it affects the content you provide. When you place your content in the hands of your users, you will get a true feel of what you are doing right or wrong when it comes to your target audience. Engaging users on a variety of platforms can also boost conversions and direct more users to your website.


If your website fails to load within three seconds, you may lose visitors. People these days tend to expect the internet to load at lightning speed and will settle for no less. You will never gain new customers if they can not see what you have to offer when they want to see it. Check your server’s speed and optimize images to start speeding up your website. Tools such as GT Metrix can help you analyze page speed and decide if it's time to switch up your hosting provider.


Navigating a website should never be confusing. If your users can’t figure out how to get to the page they want to find, they will not waste an abundant amount of time trying to find it. Limit the number of categories and don’t let it look too bulky; change up the wording and the arrangement of tabs to see what works best for your pages. You may come to find that a simple change can make your website so much easier to navigate.

Color & Contrast

The colors on your website need to make sense. It simply wouldn’t make sense for Red Shark Digital to have shades of green all over our website. Be creative and show off the personality of your business with the colors you display on your website. Pro tip: the contrast of the text and the background should never strain the eyes of your users. View our blog on web design trends to ensure you achieve a simplistic design.


Many people are visiting websites via mobile phones when they are on the go, which is more often than not these days. Don’t stress about keeping up the entire aesthetic of your desktop site on mobile as well; it is more important that the site is functional and easy to navigate with the tap of a fingertip rather than trying to fit an entire desktop’s worth of information onto a 5.5-inch screen.

Need help in setting your website apart from the competition? Tell us about your goals and let us show you how we can reach them today! Contact Red Shark Digital today!

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