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Smarketing: What is it?

November 30, 2021
May 1, 2023

Smarketing: What is it?

Matt Mitchell

Smarketing at first glance might sound like a made-up word. However, Smarketing is a term that describes the close relationship between the marketing and sales departments within a business strategy in marketing agencies Raleigh NC. This close relationship between the two departments creates an integrated approach. While older full service marketing agency business models viewed marketing and sales as two separate departments, Smarketing can help align strategies and goals towards business growth and success.

Smarketing vs. a Traditional Approach

In years past, marketing agencies Raleigh NC businesses have segmented sales and marketing into two separate entities. These two departments would work separately from each other with occasional communication when an action item is requested or if there's a problem that needs to be addressed. In the modern era, however, Smarketing brings these two departments together in an effort to integrate both sales and marketing. Working closely together, this business strategy can increase momentum while decreasing friction. This can directly help your business by ensuring clients are happy and getting results they love.

How Smarketing Can Help Your Business

Communication is often one of the biggest friction zones for modern-day marketing agencies Raleigh NC. While communication has gotten easier with business tools such as Slack or Monday, ensuring that all internal departments are up to date and on the same page can be difficult. A Smarketing business strategy can help align both your sales and marketing departments through frequent meetings, communication, and integration. This will ensure both your sales reps and marketing team are aligned and briefed on the same goals, strategy, and process for each of your clients.

On the sales side of things, this allows frictionless communication between your account managers and their clients. When sales reps are up to date regarding the account and can understand the strategy behind what the marketing team is doing, this allows them to communicate with clients at a more in-depth level than they otherwise would be able to. From the marketing side of things, being able to understand not just what the client wants but the "why" behind those tasks can give them a better understanding of the client's overall goals and objectives. This increased understanding can help your marketing team produce better content and action items than they would otherwise be able to.

Red Shark Digital | Full Service Marketing Agency

Smarketing is a valuable and time-saving technique that can greatly enhance your marketing agencies Raleigh NC business strategy. To stay up to date in the modern marketing world, reassessing your digital marketing Raleigh NC business strategy can drastically change the outlook of your company. We at Red Shark Digital marketing agencies Raleigh NC have a team dedicated to providing a suite of full service marketing agency services. Whether you are looking for SEO, paid advertising, social media management, web development, or any other marketing-related endeavor, we have you covered. Contact us today for all your digital marketing Raleigh NC needs!

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