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Search Engines Remain King Among Millennials

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Search Engines Remain King Among Millennials

Erin Porter

Search Engines and Social Media are both large components of our daily lives in today’s growing digital landscape. However, more people are turning towards Search Engines when it comes to gathering information. Facebook used to be one of the main social media news hubs. However, ever since the “fake news” dilemma that occurred last year, Facebook decided to make changes to their ‘News Feed’ algorithm. This new algorithm boosted content from “trusted” news sources while penalizing spam and click-bait headlines. The damage was already done, which influenced the site’s drop in the share of visits.

More people are now turning towards a search engine in order to find information from primary resources or at least reliable secondary sources. Social media may be a good way to gather information or ask for advice from a crowd. When the suggestions really matter, people want control over how much and from where they gather information.

The popularity of search is still present with a whopping 97 percent of people conducting at least one search per day. Across all age groups, 52 percent of users claim that nearly all their daily searches were done on their phones – and this number was even higher for millennials at 68 percent.

Creating content that is true and reliable is important for all businesses. This speaks to all industries because if a company decides not to create content for search engines, their competitors will dominate the organic search results. Only creating content for search engines is not our advice, but keeping a consistent presence in both SEO and social media marketing is crucial to the success of your company.

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