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Say So Long to A Wall Full of Sticky Notes: AdWords Update

November 12, 2021
September 27, 2023

Say So Long to A Wall Full of Sticky Notes: AdWords Update

Red Shark Digital

Do you work in a collaborative environment where many eyes are viewing and manipulating digital advertising campaigns? If so, then you may know that one person who goes into your company's AdWords account and edits a large majority of your campaigns. Well until recently, unless you are communicating via a CRM with your team there was no way for you to know what had been done by your team mates. Google saw the problem and has now come to the rescue. Introducing AdWords Notes!

AdWords notes are very similar to notes that you are able to leave on Analytics. With just the tap of a button, you can add what appears to be a sticky note to your dashboard, in which you can note what actions were performed recently on an account, as well as if there are any new changes that need to be implemented. AdWords Notes truly gives marketers a way to streamline communication across their agency- not to mention if you operate within the client's AdWords account they can provide feedback right there for your team. Say so long to endless email streams!

As Hilary mentioned in her Shark Tank recap, this new feature is going to help us better communicate regarding AdWords campaigns and may can even help your business benefit internally! Currently, AdWords Notes are only available in the new AdWords interface. If you're unfamiliar with the new interface, then you may want to take the time to learn it inside out because the old dashboard will be fully phased out later this year.

As always, for any marketing needs you and your business may have, contact Red Shark Digital to kickstart your path to reaching your overall goals.

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