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Public Relations and Digital Advertising: The Dream Team

November 11, 2021
May 1, 2023

Public Relations and Digital Advertising: The Dream Team

Abby Costello

In the past, traditional public relations (PR) has been kept in a separate realm from digital marketing and advertising. In large corporate companies, the two departments have separate tasks, budgeting, and methods of communication. However, in today’s world, this is changing. With the expansion of the internet and the power that it holds over the market, PR and marketing firms are having to adapt and innovate new ways to reach the consumer. Red Shark Digital has cracked the code: Combining elements of PR with a strong, skilled digital advertising Greenville NC foundation equates to a dynamic campaign that goes above and beyond what we have seen in the past. So, you may be wondering: How do we do it? Let us give you a sneak peek into why we think the merging of PR and digital marketing is so successful in today’s digital world.

Starting With the Basics

Before we get into the new definition of digital campaigning, let’s remind ourselves of what these two critical campaign functions are, respectively. Public Relations Society of America defines public relations as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Public Relations traditionally creates a campaign, a focus, and goals that they should reach in order to consider their campaign a success.

Digital marketing is where most of these campaign aspects are executed. The American Marketing Association defines digital marketing as “the use of digital or social channels to promote a brand or reach consumers.” Digital marketing is where the campaign comes to life. Creators build up the campaign utilizing enticing social media strategies to reach the targeted consumer. By combining these two forces into one cohesive unit, Red Shark Digital believes that we can successfully and efficiently tap into new consumer groups more seamlessly.

So, What Is the New Definition of Digital Advertising?

At Red Shark Digital, we believe that the internet is dawning into a new age. We have discovered that by working closely with both digital marketing and public relations together, a seamless campaign can be created and managed much more effectively. No one employee at Red Shark Digital has one set job. We all work in different parts of the digital campaign, from copywriting, social media management, press releases, website development, content creation, and much more. By keeping everyone in the loop about all aspects of the digital campaign, we are able to keep the overall goals of the campaign more closely aligned to each employee’s work.

Each day, digital advertising Greenville NC experts at Red Shark Digital see the fruition of their campaign through engagement with social media, website visits, impressions, and even business reviews. We report all of the data that we have collected directly to the company, no middlemen necessary. By combining both PR and digital marketing, we believe that fine-tuning campaigns are much more effective. We are able to notice trends as soon as they start, and adjust the campaign immediately and accordingly to stabilize and boost the campaign. Is your company ready to dive into today’s new digital advertising Greenville NC world? Let Red Shark Digital guide you to success. Check out our website to learn more about our services and how we will take you to the next level.

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