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Looking to the Future: Programmatic Advertising - Part One

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

Looking to the Future: Programmatic Advertising - Part One

Do you remember where you were when you saw you first Google Search Ad or set up your first Google AdWords campaign? Search advertising has been one of the most powerful lines of advertising, however, things are changing quickly. Enter programmatic advertising, a new way of display that allows you to target user based on intent and behavior instead of just some keywords and geo-locations. Programmatic advertising, one of the most powerful forms of advertising has notably focused on national campaigns, but now there’s a new focus sweeping the nation. Localized. Programmatic. Campaigns.

While the small and medium-sized business’ have been working with a localized campaign for some time now, we are now seeing large corporate companies honing in on one target location for a specific product. Take Subway, for example, they are advertising cheesesteaks in Philly and avocado turkey in Cali. They have found their key market and are delivering ads to these users via a localized campaign.

This burst in localization is not only coming from the user’s intent, but also due to the amount of location-based data that we are able to tap into to ensure the best reach and targeting available. We are able to access so much of this location-based data due to the spike in mobile advertising and mobile phone usage in the past year!

No doubt, looking forwards, programmatic advertising is innovating the industry and when it comes to changing the face of the advertising industry you have to be able to reach users where they are. As inventory opens up in the evolving areas of programmatic advertising such as TV, out-of-home, music streaming/internet radio and smart speakers, the potential of localized programmatic to reach people efficiently and effectively will continue to grow and we are always working with our partners to ensure that we have access to the best inventory possible. Now here’s a little insight on a few of the newest ad spaces we have access to!

Programmatic OTT and Connected TV

It’s a sweet, sweet fantasy! This is the stuff of advertiser’s dreams: being able to apply the targeting of digital advertising to TV advertising. As content providers are beginning to come together over-the-top (OTT-yeah you know me) on connected TVs, we are now able to turn your dreams into a reality.

This concept is extremely similar to how we buy for programmatic display and video on desktop and mobile. Programmatic OTT will allow you to more precisely reach connected TV viewers and effectively measure the impact of these campaigns.

If you’ve watched TV in recent years, then you know that viewing habits are changing, shifting away from traditional TV, influencing the advertiser demand for programmatic OTT and connected TV inventory. There are already 56 million US consumers who have already cut the cord on traditional cable subscriptions so why would you want to waste your money serving ads on these networks? As we move forward this year, we plan on seeing a significant increase in the number of opportunities for OTT and CTV to be bought programmatically.

Let’s Get You Out of the House: OOH Advertising

Out-of-home advertising or OOH will definitely have you saying oooh when you hear about these new placements becoming available for your programmatic campaigns. By 2020, OOH advertising is expected to grow almost 12%, faster than any other traditional media. I know what you’re thinking, though, OOH is only a traditional practice and has no relation to digital. Well, that’s where you are wrong. Digital OOH ads accounted for $2.7 billion in ad spend last year nationwide.

So let me tell you now, how this will affect your programmatic advertising. As more and more digital billboard begin to pop up, there is already an indication that moving forward we will, later this year, in theory, be able to actually incorporate digital programmatic spend into one of these billboards. We are already predicting that that programmatic is on the fast track to affect OOH as it did with search advertising. Talk about a game changer.

So there ya go, part one in the next chapter of programmatic advertising. Stay tuned to our blog for part two and how programmatic advertising could be coming to radio or even your smart speaker in no time. Until then, contact Red Shark Digital for all of your programmatic advertising needs. Catch ya on the flip side!

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