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New “Amazon Moments” Program is Boosting ROI

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

New “Amazon Moments” Program is Boosting ROI

Kate Francis

Last week Amazon rolled out a new “Moments” cross-platform program which is allowing marketers to create loyalty campaigns. It is run on an API platform (Application Programming Interface) which is a software that allows two applications to talk to one another. These campaigns are cost-per-action and are available on your brand’s website or mobile app. This means that your brand will only pay when the desired action is taken by a user. This service has been in development for the past year, and brands such as Bravo, Sony’s Crackle, Sesame Workshop and teen app TikTok have been testing it out.

How it Works

Your brand sets specific goals for their users, and choose an Amazon product that is rewarded to the user after completing a specific action. For example, a music streaming platform can reward users who listen to 20 hours or more a week with a link to a free phone case or pair of headphones. Once your user completes a goal, they can redeem their reward through their Amazon account. Your brand’s campaign is totally customizable. You are able to set a budget, choose dates and the rewards given to achieve a positive ROI.

amazon moments

How Can My Brand Benefit?

The results have been very positive. Customers enjoy this new way to redeem rewards because it is not just a spend and earn type of reward system. They have more incentive because they are earning more than just discounts. One of the beta testers, Sesame Workshop, was able to use their Moments campaign to push in-app purchases. Besides boosting revenue, brands are able to build engagement. Amazon stated, “An entertainment app and website increased their average daily users by 291 percent and their daily chat messages by 79 percent”.

This new loyalty program is making it easier for brands to manage and track rewards. Amazon provides an API which is tracking your user’s actions for you. It takes about a week for Amazon developers to incorporate their Moments program into your brand’s website or app. The money you spend on this program is completely up to you. It is run on a cost-per-action basis, so you are able to decide your budget, minimizing risk.

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