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4 Critical Things to Know About Twitter Advertising

November 12, 2021
May 1, 2023

4 Critical Things to Know About Twitter Advertising

Red Shark Digital

Businesses that practice Twitter advertising know that the Internet and social media is always changing. Whether it's a new trend or a new feature, Twitter is constantly being updated. If you're new to Twitter or haven't read up on it in a while, then here are four things that you absolutely have to know:

1. Twitter is working on a new newsfeed

This was reported in September and it's still in development. Nonetheless, it's a major change that businesses should be aware of. Since its inception, Twitter has featured a newsfeed that's organized reverse-chronologically. The Tweets you read are the Tweets that were just posted. This means that users are missing tons of Tweets that got a lot of attention because they weren't on Twitter at that moment. Twitter is rolling out a new newsfeed that will be similar to Facebook's.Why is this so important? Because it will most likely allow businesses to purchase advertisements or pay for priority on their Tweets, similar to ‘Boosting’ a post on your Facebook page.

2. Twitter hashtags can now serve as "buy" buttons

If you don't practice Twitter marketing because you don't think it's worth the money, this development will change your mind. Amazon Cart will allow users to save product-related hashtags on Amazon's website. Later, they can go on the site to purchase those products. It removes a huge hurdle that currently prevents many sales on social media.

3. Twitter advertising is cost-effective

Twitter remains one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions. It's still much cheaper than traditional marketing and will remain so even if companies have to pay for preferred Tweets. If you're looking to increase your brand visibility online, then Twitter is the right platform for you.

4. Interaction is key

The main difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that you can instantly interact with potential customers. Twitter is the best platform to interact with them because everything works so fast. There's just no way to be successful on Twitter without talking and constantly interacting with potential customers.

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