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Marketing Is Not an Option, It's a Necessity

November 12, 2021
April 30, 2023

Marketing Is Not an Option, It's a Necessity

Red Shark Digital

One of the things we’ve heard so many times in the last year+, so much that it almost seems to be on repeat, is that our clients are used to being a referral-based business and referrals are no longer enough. Digital marketing is changing at a rapid speed, every month, every day, sometimes even every minute. You may think you don’t need a marketing firm, but are you equipped to run your business and keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing world? If you’re looking for a digital marketing firm in Greenville, North Carolina (and anywhere else for that matter, the internet reaches any and everywhere) we are the marketing firm for you!

The staff here at Red Shark stays up on the most recent changes in the world of marketing. We don’t just watch trends and learn new skills while we’re here at the office, we subscribe to newsletters that teach us, we follow like-minded individuals, and we keep ourselves educated on the ever-changing internet and how we can consistently Be Better. We do this when we wake up in the morning, before we go to bed at night... there is never a time that we aren’t working on being in the know. We do this not only for our clients, but for us to be the best that we can be and to have a team of experts in the marketing firm field, not only as a marketing firm in Greenville, North Carolina, but worldwide.

Voice Search Engine Optimization

So, onto a couple of trends. A couple of years ago, voice search engine optimization (VSEO) appeared to be a thing of the future. It quickly became so relevant it was impossible to ignore, everyone was implementing it (and still are) and if you didn’t hop on that train you were left in the dust. Seems to be a growing trend in and of itself. Now that VSEO has become such an everyday norm, which way are we heading now? All signs are beginning to point to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence

While AI appears to be so futuristic, it is beginning to take over jobs that humans once occupied...for less $. The prediction is that AI will begin to produce more income for businesses while creating a more efficient workflow. How does this affect marketing firms and how we do what we do? Good question.

AI is able to observe your user’s behavior and patterns on the internet. It pulls data from your blogs and from social media to determine how people are finding you, how they’re landing on specific pages, and essentially what their interests are.  Not only that, AI has been implemented recently as a chat feature. It is designed to speak with humans as if it were a human as well to appear more relatable to truly help the customer. Relieving companies of basic communication that may bog down their time, this will become more and more prevalent as communication can sometimes take up the bulk of a company’s time.

Going back to the user’s behavior, it is able to recommend products to users based on what they are showing interest in. This can come in the form of email personalization and more. In the web design and development world, AI can be implemented in e-commerce transactions as well. There is SO much more; these are just a few highlights, we could go on for days. Marketing firms have been talking about this for a while now, and it is finally becoming a reality. Starting to see why you may need a marketing firm? We can do the heavy lifting and learning on how to implement incredible features like this while you benefit from the results.

Programmatic Advertising

Speaking of AI, have you heard of Programmatic Advertising? We’ve been in this space for a minute and we think it’s something worth talking about. Those things I said above, Programmatic utilizes several to intentionally serve users with ads. The use of AI in Programmatic creates a higher conversion rate with lower lead costs. The way this is done is with automated buying through real-time bidding in order to target a specific audience. According to eMarketer, Programmatic advertising will be used for more than 85% of display ads served throughout the web. If you haven’t explored this tactic yet, you are very close to missing an incredible opportunity to reach your leads without wasting money. It’s safe to say, we are experts in this field and more than ready to partner with you as your marketing firm to implement the tactics that will give your company the best return for your money.

That's Not All

There are so many more trends that have either just sparked in the marketing world or are really getting heavy into making an impact that if I listed them all, we would be here for days. These are just a couple that have piqued my interest in terms of what they’re doing in the digital marketing space. I don’t know one business that wouldn’t benefit from these, either. Knowing there are so many more out there that we could be here for days, have you changed your mind on needing a marketing firm yet? Red Shark Digital is happy to become your marketing firm whether you are in Greenville, North Carolina, California, New York, Chicago, Miami, or anywhere in between. As experts in our field, these trends are so exciting to us and we are committed to continue learning and implementing these tactics with new clients every day.

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